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Resin Remover

Spray Bottle | 1 piecesArt. No. 10.0.022
Spray Bottle | 1 pieces
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Removes resin residue from tools and machines. Continue

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The resin remover is made from natural, organic ingredients and is used to remove all resin from machines, saw blades and other parts with resin build-up. In addition, it prevents rapid resin build-up and ensures optimal working conditions. Spray on, allow a short time to take effect and remove the dissolved resin with cleaning paper or cloth.

FELDER®, Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.
Resin Remover
FELDER® Workshop Accessories no workshop is complete without it!
Removes resin residue from tools and machines..
Sturdy spray bottle, adjustable spray head; 0.5 litre content. 
Safety data sheet: GER | ENG | ITAFRE | SWE
FELDER® Workshop Accessories to Maintenance, cleaning, repair and servicing.

Technical information

Filling Capacity (L) 0.5
Type Spray Bottle
Packaging Unit (pcs.) 1


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