PCS - The award-winning safety system

AWFS 2021 Visionary & IWF 2022 Challengers Award Winner: PCS - Preventative Contact System

IWF Challengers Award judge Jon Scribner of Batesville Casket Co. (right) presents
the Challenger Award to Ruan du Toit of Felder Group USA. Felder won for its PCS (Preventive Contact System).

Woodworking in safe hands with PCS – the safety revolution for sliding table saws

Serious accidents with sliding table panel saws are a thing of the past – PCS recognizes human tissue in the danger zone and triggers before contact with the saw blade. Sliding table panel saws with the PCS safety retraction is ready for use again at the touch of a button and require no additional maintenance or cleaning cycles.


Release triggered within milliseconds without contact

PCS monitors the danger zone 1000 times per second, other systems only manage up to 60 times per second.

No additional maintenance and cleaning cycles required

Other systems have to be checked manually, sometimes every hour (!).

Immediately ready for use at the push of a button

Other systems require partly expensive spare parts after each release.

PCS works even if contaminated by dust

Other, partly optical systems, hazardous situations can no longer be detected and prevented 100% due to contamination.

Advantages of PCS: Safety for hands and all other body parts, no limitation, no registration of hands necessary - operating status easily recognizable even for people with red-green visual impairment!


Plug & Play Safety

PCS - simplest operation without registering of hands.

Your advantage: any of your employees can perform panel sawing work with the PCS safety system immediately and without time-consuming preparations.

Extremely important! Occupational safety for all parts of the body

PCS recognizes not only hands, but also all other body parts.

Your advantage: particularly relevant to your safety when slipping and falling into the turned on machine.

Intelligent LED status display, visible to everyone

PCS is equipped with an intelligent LED status display. The PCS operating state is indicated by flashing in different sequences.

Your advantage: the human eye identifies light signals more quickly than pure light color changes - and - this is also perfect for people with red-green visual impairment.

Advantages of PCS: no change in your usual way of working is needed and every workpiece dimension can be machined with the safety system activated

schmale leiste&schiebestock_einzeln_verbessert.png

Safety when machining any workpiece width, no matter how narrow it may be

With PCS, there is no limitation of workpiece dimensions.

Your advantage: Work Safely, and your panel saw adapts to workpieces, not vice versa!

Safety and no limitation of workpiece dimensions for miter cuts with tilted saw blade

With PCS, no machine function, no processing options are restricted.

Your advantage: Working safety and the full range of functions of your sliding table panel saw are available to you 100%.
Korpus_schmale leiste&schiebestock_web_einzeln.png

PCS will, of course, also support you with a special panel saw work

With PCS you do not have to do without any special work on your panel sliding table saw.

Your advantage: Working safety with the circular saw top guard swiveled away, e.g. for finishing a furniture carcass or tenoning and slotting ...

Advantages of PCS: no manual maintenance required + possible system shutdown required for processing special materials possible at any time without a time limit!

System Selbstcheck_web_einzeln.png

PCS controls itself

PCS performs a self-check before each start.

Your advantage: An absolute system safety and complete work safety before each cut.

PCS is completely insensitive to dust thanks to intelligent design

No manual cleaning work is necessary for the proper functioning of PCS.

Your advantage: saves time and, therefore, money and ensures you uninterrupted, safe work.

PCS can be deactivated independently of time, short or long

In rare cases, e.g. when processing special materials, PCS can be deactivated with a key switch.

Your advantage: you define how long or short the duration of deactivation should be active.

Sliding Table Panel Saw

kappa 450

Sliding table saw

kappa 550

  • A world first: PCS® | Preventive Contact System safety device
  • Cutting length: 86½"–145¾" (2,200–3,700 mm)
  • “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee
  • Cutting width: 39¼"–63" (1,000–1,600 mm)
  • Cutting height: 8" (202 mm)
  • Control system: e-motion
  • ∞ program spaces + ARDIS cutting optimisation
Sliding Table Panel Saw

K 945 S

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