We let our customers speak

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on woodworking machines from Felder and consequently become ambassadors for perfect woodworking. For us, the success stories of our customers represent recognition and motivation as well as the signature of our company. We are proud that with our machines all over the world, countless unique goals are achieved and success stories written every day. Tell us about your projects, we are looking forward to every single one.

Plus Closets

"The New owner of Closet Works, Frank Happ, brings many years of manufacturing experience to an already established business. In a complete plant overhaul,...

Elmlock Kitchens and Millwork

"Our Company has been in business for 60 years, as a family owned business of go-getters we are careful about the type of equipment we use, which is why we do...

Martin Banas

Quality Construction Group

Our kappa 400 X-motion sliding table has been a great investment, feels like nothing we've ever experienced, the smoothness of the table saw is unreal! We are...

Do you also work with a FELDER?

Send us a photo of your machine and a short statement to [email protected] and you can become a FELDER ambassador for perfect woodworking!

Do you also work with a FORMAT4?

Send us a photo of your machine and a short statement to [email protected] and you can become a FORMAT4 ambassador for perfect woodworking!

Remi Baujard, Lycée Le Corbusier

"For us, the new Format4 machines offer the opportunity to teach at the cutting edge of technology and so optimally prepare students for their future."