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HS-M42 System Planer Knives
System Planer Knife

HS-M42 System Planer Knives

for Hammer | Length 310 mmArt. No. 500-07-002
for Hammer | Length 310 mm
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Planer knives for FELDER, HAMMER and Format 4 system cutterblock Continue


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Cutting edge quality
HS-M42 (high performance steel)
HS planer knives with high cobalt content (M42) for up to 75 % longer service life!
The high content of cobalt and molybdenum increases the durability of the cutting edge by up to 75 % compared to conventional HS quality.

Technical information

Cutter Quality HS-M42
Length [mm] 310
Number of Fitting Bores 5
Packaging Unit [pcs] 3
Suitable for Hammer

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