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HW Universal saw blade Silent-Power® Silver
Silent Power® SilverUniversal Saw Blades

HW Universal saw blade Silent-Power® Silver

Ø 315 mm | 48 teethArt. No. 03.02.31548
Ø 315 mm | 48 teeth
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Premium quality for professional results with chrome-plated surface Continue


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For sizing and cross cuts of solid wood and sizing cuts of coated panel materials, plastic and mineral fibre boards

Rip cut: High-grade wood, hardwood

Cross cut: High-grade wood, exotic wood, hardwood, softwood

Also used for:   pressed wood, chipboard, plywood panels, 


Silent-POWER® SILVER Premium saw blade for sensational cutting results.
Universal Saw Blade, Alternate top bevel teeth
For trimming and cutting solid wood and trimming coated panel materials, plastic panels and mineral fibre panels.
Rip cut: High grade timber, Hardwood
Cross cut: High grade timber, Exotic timber, Hardwood, Softwood
Tooth formation: Alternate top bevel teeth
Also used for: Laminated wood, Laminated board, Plywood board, 
Blade quality  
 HW (Tungsten carbide)
Insert carbide knives increase tool life by up to 20X.
... Quiet
 “SILVER” chrome-plated
... No hardened resin residues
 Industrial carbide
... Highest cutting quality
 Exceptional quality
... Extremely long tool life
... Extreme precision

Silent-POWER® Silver 
Premium quality for professional results.
The premium product, “Silent-POWER SILVER” are chrome coated which prevent resin build up and offer maximum cut quality, usable life and vibration free precision cuts. Reduced noise emission and perfectly pretensioned, every “Silent-Power” saw blade guarantees an incredibly smooth and straight cut regardless of the cutting height. 

Silent-POWER® Silver - Premium quality for professional results

The premium products of the "Silent-POWER SILVER" series are chrome-plated and therefore resistant to resin build up. They offer the best cutting quality, maximum service life and vibration-free precision cutting. Silent and perfectly pretensioned, all "Silent-POWER" circular saw blades guarantee absolutely smooth and straight cutting results at every cutting height. 


Quality of the cutting edges

HW = tungsten carbide (previous designation HM)

PCD = polycrystalline diamond (DP according to ISO 513)

Technical information

Clearance Angle [°] 15/10
Cutter Quality HW
Diameter [mm] 315
Main Blade Thickness [mm] 2.2
Material to be processed Hardwood, Softwood, Raw chipboard, Decor chipboard, Veneered chipboard, Multiplex / laminated wood, Plywood, HDF, blockboard, fire protection panels, Lightweight panels, MDF, insulating wall board, fibre cement, plaster board, layered composite material, fiber composite material
Rake Angle [°] 15
Rip Capacity [mm] 3,2
Tooth Count [pcs] 48
Tooth Shape WZ

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