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Dust Extractor RL 125
Clean-Air Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor RL 125

1x 230V 60Hz 4HP 3kWArt. No. WWS-F0025
1x 230V 60Hz 4HP 3kW
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Commercial as well as industrial woodworkers enjoy the benefits of wood dust-tested Felder clean air dust extractors available in various price and performance ranges. Mobile and space saving, the RL 125, RL 140, RL 160, RL 200, RL 250, RL 300 and RL 350models  offer flexibility and maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. All models achieve dust emissions of less than 0.1 mg/m³ and are in accordance with H3 residual dust content levels. Unlike conventional dust extractors, Felder places the fan at the clean air side. This generates a negative pressure throughout the entire system, preventing dust escaping through any leaks.

Technical information

Cleaning Manual
Extraction Connection Diameter (mm) 125
Filter Surface Area (m²) 5
Frequency (Hz) 60
Motor Power (kW) 3
Power (HP) 4
Max. Negative Pressure (Pa) 2,350
Nominal Air Flow Capacity 20 m/sec (m³/h) 900
Chip Bag Capacity (L) 200
Voltage (V) 1x 230
Air Flow Capacity (m³/h) 1900

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