Kami membiarkan pelanggan yang berbicara tentang kami

Setiap hari, para pekerja kayu di seluruh dunia memutuskan memakai mesin perkayuan dari Felder, oleh karena itu mereka menjadi duta untuk pekerjaan perkayuan yang sempurna untuk kami, cerita kesuksesan pelanggan kami merepresentasikan pengakuan dan motivasi yang juga ciri khas perusahaan kami Kami bangga bahwa dengan mesin di seluruh dunia, banyak karya unik yang bisa dibuat dan cerita sukses ditulis setiap harinya. ceritakan pada kami proyek anda, kami menunggu semuanya.

Mr. Rudi

We have been challenging this rigid heavy-duty panel saw for 24/7 mass production since its 1st day in our shop, and all that with hardly any maintenance. Apart from its brilliant precision and stability that is supposed to last and stay constant over decade, it always gives me a quality-cut with every single slide, chip-free, highly accurate and the cleanest ever, thanks to the high rpm and X-roll technology. All in all, not only can I substantially reduce my post-processing costs and machine life-cycle costs to minimum, but also this K700S provokes me to give up on the costly pre-milling in my edge banding machine, so I have more money left to spend for the next investment in other machines too, after G330.

Mr. Suratman

I decided on sourcing all solutions from one single best hand, that is FELDER, who bears full responsibility for the entire production line, from front-end to the back-end. Unlike with a conventional cold press, whose glue often remains wet after pure mechanical press over a day, with their FORMAT4 hot press technology, I don't need to wait that many long hours to get the glue perfectly crystallized and solidified. Its heated pressing results turn unbeatable for permanent use in humid or wet facilities. No doubt about its operating comfort and Buy-1-Get-2 flexibility. After shift and office hours, amazingly I can still use this HVP as a cold press to complete my cold-press jobs over night, before I return and take a pleasant recourse back to my hot-press the next morning that my production team can't wait for.

Mr. Suratman

Luckily we have been well-equipped in time with Corona-proof and pandemic-safe solutions, so we don't really feel that sort of pinch that others do these days. We belong to one of the Industry 3.0 companies that manage to keep the production run almost as it normally is, with minimum dependence of manpower, but machinepower from FELDER. This motivates us to further upgrade to an Industry 4.0 company, the next challenge that we are aiming at with FELDER 4.0 technology.

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Remi Baujard, Lycée Le Corbusier

"For us, the new Format4 machines offer the opportunity to teach at the cutting edge of technology and so optimally prepare students for their future."