Heated Veneer Presses

Strong, robust and versatile – Heated veneer and membrane presses from Format-4

High quality veneer pressing with maximum possible efficiency – no problem with the new heated veneer presses from Format-4. Depending on the required use of the press, there are 5 different types to choose between, with up to 12 variations of each type.

4 Machines found
HVP Typ 1
  • With Elkom® electric heating platens
  • Pressing temperature up to 120° C (248°F)
HVP Typ 2
  • With warm water heating
  • Pressing temperature up to 90° C (194°F)
HVP Typ 3
  • With Thermo oil heating
  • Pressing temperature up to 120° C (248°F)
MVP 300
  • 9,000 kg/m² for a professional and uniform result
  • Every conceivable form can be processed with 700% elasticity of the cured rubber
  • Short setup time