The history of Felder USA

Europe, Austria 1956

In a small village in the Alps Johann Felder started building woodworking machines in his parents’ house. Coming from a long tradition of metal working and machine building, the young entrepreneur set out to present his woodworking machines at various trade shows. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the post-war era, production soon expanded and the company grew into the company we know today.

This is where the FELDER USA history begins.

USA, California 1998

„The Golden State“ was chosen to be the new location for the first subsidiary of the Austrian Felder KG in the United States. 

Registered as ASW Machinery, Inc. short for „Austrian Specialized Woodworking“ (dba Felder USA), the new company opened its doors in West Sacramento, CA in the month of June of the same year. – Felder USA was born.

Starting out with four sales reps and one service technician, the FELDER brand was marketed at that time. With the adoption of the Hammer line soon thereafter the sales staff expanded and it was soon clear that another location was necessary to better service customers throughout the entire United States.

USA, Delaware 2001

A new Felder USA location was established in „The First State“, an important step forward in the future of ASW Machinery, Inc. Not only could Felder USA provide better service to the entire east coast of the US, the shorter time difference to Europe allowed for better communication between subsidiary and Austrian Headquarters. 

To transfer the head office from West to East Coast was inevitable and finalized when Felder USA opened its doors as US Headquarters in New Castle, DE in 2003.

During this time the FORMAT 4 line was introduced to the market.

A decade has passed and Felder USA makes its presence known at major trade shows, in-house shows and woodworking classes throughout the country with the focus on introducing new machines, techniques, as well as improvements in design and application to woodworkers of any kind.