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Sliding Table Saws

Sliding Table Panel Saw kappa 590 x-motion

Scope of application

The ingenious panel saw with double pivoting for angle cuts in all positions

With innovative details, the new kappa 590 becomes the new benchmark for Premium Sliding Table Panel Saws. The new twin-pivot unit has a total swivel range of 92° and achieves a cutting height up to 202 mm for saw blades with a diameter of 550 mm. This saves valuable working time and simplifies the cutting of internal mitre and simple compound cuts.

The highly efficient synchronous motor with continuously adjustable speed control from 2,000 to 5,000 rpm guarantees constant high performance and best power transmission with state-of-the-art Poly-V-belt technology.

All axes of the machine can be controlled ergonomically and intuitively by the central operating unit with 15 "touch screen. The in-house software with graphical user interface, a multitude of programs, a USB interface and the prepared network connection make work easier and guarantee efficiency and productivity.

Of course, the new Premium Sliding Table Panel Saw also has all the proven Format4 virtues and quality features. With these Format4 system solutions, different outrigger versions and individual control variants, the kappa 590 sliding table panel saw makes perfection the norm!

  • Saw blade tilt +/-46°
  • Complex angle cuts as easy as possible - intuitive machine control with 15" touch screen
  • Highly efficient synchronous motor with continuously adjustable rotating speed
  • Preparation for automatic cutting optimization and network connection
  • 3-axis scoring unit control with park position (optional)
  • Positioning control of the rip fence
  • Unlimited tool storage positions
  • Complete cutting sequences programmable
  • Possibility of importing cutting sequences
  • Additional functions: rabbets, grooving, notches, angle cuts, oblique cuts and false mitres, compound mitre cut. View cutting program videos here

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

TheFelder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance

... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Constant high performance in continuous industrial operation
  • Customer-specific optimized production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Wide range of configuration packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • CE + GS dust certified
  • Tailor made financing solutions


The newly developed Format4 TOP unit offers maximum performance and precision with extremely smooth operation. The double-mounted circular saw shaft in solid cast iron housing guarantees absolutely vibration-free working at maximum performance.

Saw blade double pivoting +/-46° 3-axis “Control” scoring unit Scoring unit park position Sensational: saw blade change without tools Big cutting height: 202,0/140,8/118,7 mm (90°/+45°/-45°) – (optional at x-motion) Spraying unit for processing non-ferrous metals and plastics Tilt segment „Easy-Glide“ for circular saw unit

The highly efficient synchronous motor provides maximum torque with high efficiency. Quick and easy selection of the optimum rotating and cutting speed via the machine control.

Precise double trunnion system High load-bearing capacity and operating life Play free tilt Unaffected by dust Completely maintenance free No lubrication required 6 year guarantee

With the new kappa 590, you can cancel the cutting height limit in your workshop. 202,0 mm at 90°, 140,8 mm at 45° and 118,7 mm cutting height at -45°, these are the new standards in the class of premium panel saws!

The  highlight of the Format4 innovation forge: The new double-pivot circular saw unit. Pivoting in both directions (+/- 46) allows a completely new dimension in working with the panel saw:

Mitre cuts of frame parts with continuously overhead visible side Complex compound cuts  Grooves in a miter and many more.

The clamping system is maintenance free and offers premium comfort for many years: Change saw blades effortlessly in literally no time at all.

The scoring unit blade width and height adapt automatically to the tool information that has been saved in regards to the tool diameter and width of the teeth. Any changes to these standard scoring settings can be saved and retrieved when using the same tool in the future.

You now no longer need to remove the scoring unit when using large diameter saw blades. At the touch of a button the new Format4 will park the scoring blade, leaving enough space for a large diameter blade, and in doing so saves valuable production time. Additionally the park position also protects the scoring blade from resin.

A red LED strip immediately signals the operation of the scoring unit and offers even more working safety. (Option)

An alternative to the worldwide unique Format-4 saw blade quick change system "Easy-lock" is now the "Quick-lock" clamping system, which with the use of just one tool makes it quick and easy to change the saw blade.

All axes of the machine can be controlled ergonomically and intuitively by the central operating unit with 15 "touch screen. The in-house software with graphical user interface, a multitude of programs, a USB interface and the prepared network connection make work easier and guarantee efficiency and productivity. The USB interface for importing and exporting data  is prepared for  network connection and remote maintenance.

Functions and cutting programs: rabbets, grooving, notches, angle cuts, oblique cuts and false mitres, compound mitre cut.

Every cut with the Format4 sliding table saw kappa 590 is a masterpiece of precision. For example, when cutting a pyramid, which is one of 18 predefined cutting programs.

Rabbets, grooves, notches, wrong mitre, rafter cut and various geometric shapes, in short videos we show you how it works: Enter workpiece shape and workpiece dimensions on the touch screen, follow the visual cutting plan - done.

View cutting program videos here

The rip fence standard features are the easy to read scale, the fine adjustment knob, fence extrusion position adjustment, and the tilt-away function.

The rip fence can be fitted with an electronic digital-display. The perfect integration of the electronic unit allows you to turn the display around 90°, so the values are clearly and exactly readable from the operating area. Additional functions such as the input of successive measurements make your daily working life easier. Further highlights:

Bright, easy to read LED display No batteries are required due to a direct connection to the machine's power supply Automatic recognition of vertical or horizontal fence position Measurement compensation of the saw blade tooth width

The rip fence is positioned by a motor and runs via a dust-free integrated ball spindle in the saw table. The 1/10 mm precision, the high positioning speed, as well as the simultaneous positioning of the crosscut fence, saw blade height and saw blade angle ensure precision and save valuable working time.

Optional with the x-motion Standard on the e-motion model

“A masterpiece of engineering”, guarantees precision and smooth operation! This precision guiding system will accept maximum loads without compromising the smooth and accurate movement of the sliding table. The “X” configuration of the roller bearings optimally distributes work-piece weight to all sides, with the full width of the bearing in contact with the guiding track. With no single point of contact between the bearing and the guiding track as found on conventional ball bearing systems, the roller bearing will never wear a groove into the guiding track. This ensures play-free guiding for the lifetime of the machine. The “X-Roll” system is backed with a 10 year factory warranty.

On demand, you can increase user-friendliness and shorten working distances with the ON and OFF buttons directly on the Format sliding table.

The tried and tested "X-Roll" sliding table with linear guide system is now equipped with a stainless steel latch plate which enables the sliding table to be locked in almost any position.

The integrated guide rollers of the outrigger table ensure an incredibly smooth operation upon maximum load capacity. The bearing rail is moved along a “X-Roll” guide and is fast and micro-adjustable. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree. The fence can be tilted to any position between -45° and +45° and guarantees precise mitre cuts.

The digital angle and length compensation module "digi-compensation plus" for X-roll or parallelogram outrigger tables compensate any changes in the length difference of the crosscut fence settings, as the angle is changed. The direct communication with the controls, also enables it to compensate the fence position of the crosscut stop to the width of the tooth and the tilt of the saw blade. This ensures that you always get an exact measurement without any recalibration when using different saw blades.

Infinite adjustment range –45 bis +45°. With the LED display you can set your required angle accurate to a tenth of a degree. With the e-motion models this is integrated into the TFT screen. Miter length compensation is done via the vernier scale with the standard fence, with the CNC crosscut fence the length compensation is automatic.

On request, we’ll equip your Format4 with the digital telescopic fence. Below, you see the cleverly integrated electronic digital scale with values correct to 4/1000” (0.1 mm). Additional functions, for example the setting of successive measurements, make your daily working life easier.

The telescopic fence enables crosscuts of up to 126”. The easy to read scale along with the magnifier on the fence stop ensure precise settings and adjustments for repeatable and accurate cutting.

The crosscut fence on the outrigger is now even easier to tilt from zero to 45 degrees with the improved locking lever. The large dimensioned, ergonomic clamping lever can be used at every angle.

The outrigger table can be swung out of the way with ease. You no longer have to worry about the hassle of mounting and dismounting the outrigger table. The swing away system of the outrigger table ensures extreme ease of use and at the same time can provide you with extra working space when you need it.

The handling of the overhead saw guard is simple and comfortable. The moveable extraction hood can be easily adjusted for pivoting in both directions without having to replace the hood. 

The overhead saw guard can be unlocked with one movement and completely swung away from machine table area. If desired, the overhead saw guard can be unlocked directly via a lever on the hood.

The newly developed overhead saw guard and dust removal system deliver perfect extraction results. The overhead saw guard, with its striking design, is on linear guides making it very easy to adjust the height. The dust and shavings are sucked from the saw guard into the extraction pipe via a short hose. The dust extraction below the table encloses the complete saw unit. The dust channel is from an exctraction point of view perfectly designed, providing an optimum air flow and perfect main blade and scoring unit extraction results.

Easy clamping of workpieces with maximum flexibility, can be used on all panel saws and spindle moulders that have a sliding table Magnetic fitting makes it easy to install and adjust Safety cylinder ensures maximum work safety Pressure bar function possible with every sliding table length Locking height 95 mm Clamp. force approx. 300 kg

Upon request we can equip your kappa 590 with LED lighting and an integrated tool compartment for 4 saw blades with a diameter of max. 400 mm, 1 saw blade with a diameter of max. 550 mm and 2 splitters.

For the processing of non-ferrous ­metals, your Format-4 can be ­fitted with spraying equipment. This enables high performance lubricating oil to be sprayed directly onto the sawblade.

The new full surface and magnetic mounted supports on the outrigger table offer an increased support surface and guarantees a safe grip and a stable support for the processing of smaller workpieces.

For crosscuts between +45° and –45°, the crosscut fence is set with the miter-scale that’s integrated into the saw sliding table. Quick attachment without tools is made possible by a T-slot and quick coupling on the side of the saw sliding table. The miter scale and the magnifying glass on the fence-stop, readable from the operating area, allow you to make precise adjustments up to 43/80 inches.

The ideal accessory for parallel cuts on the sliding table! Take advantage of your sliding table and the outrigger together with the rip fence which guarantee the exact positioning of your workpiece. The rip fence is clamped to the sliding table. The integrated scale from 25 to 1000 mm is easily read through the lens.

One of the valuable accessories in daily use on woodworking machines is the patented double mitre gauge from Format-4. It enables double miter cuts on workpieces of different widths at any angle. The input of the of the workpiece widths A, B and the input of the desired frame angle, is carried out on the integrated computer via the keypad. Das Einstell­ergebnis erscheint zehntelgrad­genau am Display. Just set the double miter gauge at the calculated value and work away with results of … pinpoint accuracy! The fence stop on the fence plates can be adjusted up to 53 inches with the scale. Depending on set angles, the length compensating vernier scale is available. With this you can also set the exact workpiece length when angle cutting.

At last: Quickly, comfortably and without any effort, you can now remove or install your outrigger table with the help of the transport and mounting unit. The outrigger with the crosscut fence attached is now conveniently stored away!

Technology Data

3x 400 V Motorspannung
50 Hz Motorfrequenz
60 Hz Motorfrequenz
Motor 7,5 kW S6, mit stufenloser Drehzahl 2000-5000 U/min
Motor 10 kW S6, mit stufenloser Drehzahl 2000-5000 U/min
Motor 14 kW S6, mit stufenloser Drehzahl 2000-4000 U/min
Schaltkontakt zur Ansteuerung einer Absaugung
Kreissäge Triebwerk
Sägeblattdurchmesser 300–450 mm, Schnitthöhe max. 152 mm (# 006)
Sägeblattdurchmesser 300–550 mm, Schnitthöhe max. 202 mm (#007/008)
Positionsgesteuerte Höhenverstellung
Positionsgesteuerte Winkelverstellung +/–46°
Werkzeugfach mit LED Maschinenbeleuchtung
Kreissäge mit Tischverlängerung bis 1200 mm hinter die Sägeachse, Stahl pulverbeschichtet
Kreissäge mit Tischverlängerung bis 1620 mm hinter die Sägeachse, Aluminium eloxiert
Sprüheinrichtung für die Bearbeitung von Leichtmetallen und Kunststoffen
Vorritzsägeaggregat „Control“ mit 3 gesteuerten Achsen (Höhe, Breite, seitlicher Versatz) und Parkposition, 1,1 kW, Vorritzersägeblatt-Ø 150 mm in Kombination mit max. Sägeblatt-Ø 400 mm, Verstellbereich 3,0–3,8 mm, max. Sägeblatt-Ø in Parkposition 550 mm
Zustandsleuchte Vorritzer
"Easy-Lock" - Werkzeugloses Schnellwechselsystem für Hauptkreissägeblatt und Spalt­keileinstellung, Verdrehsicherung durch Mitnehmerstifte im Flansch, nachrüstbar für alle kappa 550
"Quick-Lock" - Schnellwechselsystem für Hauptkreissägeblatt, Verdrehsicherung durch Mitnehmerstifte im Flansch
x-motion Steuerung mit Touch-Funktion in Bedienpanel auf Augenhöhe; USB-Schnittstelle und Vorbereitung für Netzwerkanbindung; Das Paneel ist auf den Arbeitsbereich des Anwenders optimal einstellbar, und aus dem Arbeitsbereich wegschwenkbar
Steckverbindung zur Abnahme des Oberschutzes und Überkopfbedienpaneels
Oberschutz verstellbar für +/-46, Haube für 90° und Haube für Winkelschnitte höhenverstellbar und aus dem Arbeitsbereich wegschwenkbar.
Fernbetätigung zum Wegschwenken des Oberschutzes
Schnittbreite und Parallelanschlag
Schnittbreite 1000 mm, Stahl pulverbeschichtet
Schnittbreite 1250 mm, Aluminium eloxiert
Schnittbreite 1600 mm, Aluminium eloxiert
Parallelanschlag mit Feineinstellung, Anschlaglineallänge 1200 mm, abschwenkbar
Digitalanzeige für Parallelanschlag mit automatischer Schnittbreiten Kompensation bei geschwenktem Sägeblatt.
Positionsgesteuerter Parallelanschlag mit Digitalanzeige im Bedienpult auf Augenhöhe, Schnittbreite 1000 mm
Positionsgesteuerter Parallelanschlag mit Digitalanzeige im Bedienpult auf Augenhöhe, Schnittbreite 1250 mm
Positionsgesteuerter Parallelanschlag mit Digitalanzeige im Bedienpult auf Augenhöhe, Schnittbreite 1600 mm
Formatschiebetische eloxiert, Führungssystem „X-Roll“
Formatschiebetisch „X-Roll“, Schnittlänge 2200 mm, Besäumschuh
Formatschiebetisch „X-Roll“, Schnittlänge 2800 mm, Besäumschuh
Formatschiebetisch „X-Roll“, Schnittlänge 3200 mm, Besäumschuh
Formatschiebetisch „X-Roll“, Schnittlänge 3700 mm, Besäumschuh
Mehrfacharretierung am Schiebetisch (!130)
Ein- und Ausschaltstelle am Schiebetisch
Auslegertische und Längsanschläge
Auslegertisch 1250 x 650 mm
Auslegertisch „X-Roll“ 1250 x 650 mm mit verfahrbarer Auflageschiene und digitaler Winkelanzeige
Ausleger 1250 x 650 mm mit Parallelogrammverstellung und digitaler Winkelanzeige (!133)
Ausziehrahmen für Ausleger mit Werkstückrolle bis 500 mm (!162, !169)
Wegschwenkvorrichtung für Auslegertisch (#072,!169)
Ablänganschlag 3200 mm, schwenkbar 90°–45°, 2 Anschlagbacken
Ablänganschlag 1900 mm mit Feineinstellung, schwenkbar 90°-45°, 1 Anschlagbacken bis 1900 mm digital, Teleskop mit Anschlagbacken bis 3200 mm analog.
Ablänganschlag 3200 mm mit Feineinstellung, schwenkbar 90°–45°, 2 Anschlagbacken digital
Ablänganschlag mit zwei digitalen Backen inkl. Berechnung der Längenkompensation bei geschwenktem Anschlag (#161/162) Digi compensation plus
Transportvorbereitung Container
S ... Standard equipment O ... Option W ... Choice - ... not available
The new panel saw with double pivoting
The new panel saw with double pivoting

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