Edgebander tempora F800 60.12 e-motion

edgebanders tempora f800 60.12 e-motion format4 panel
Scope of application
edgebanders tempora f800 60.12 e-motion format4 panel

Saving you time is our motivation

Time, the most important resource in a modern workshop was one of the main focuses whilst developing the new tempora machine concept. Processing edges needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the tempora model combines the key characteristics of speed, productivity, flexibility and user comfort in a convincing complete package. The final finishing results when processing both coiled and strip material convince with incredibly high standards, that fulfil the ever increasing demands of edgebanding complete processing. 

Solid edge processing aggregates and an optimised machine chassis guarantee absolute stability even when running at maximum speed. The user friendly control options, “x-motion plus” and “e-motion” ensure absolute repeatability and individual configurable operating programs enable quick change of the aggregates and edge material. With the “Professional” and “Performance” processing packages and the individual aggregate options for both finishing places, the tempora can be perfectly configured for company specific requirements.

In the future you can take more time for your customers, the tempora will ensure that the production will be completed in record time.

  • Premilling unit with separately controlled diamond milling cutters for chip free glue joints
  • Premium class operating comfort with the e-motion package and motor controlled units
  • Complete stability even at maximum processing speeds due to the solid machine chassis

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

Edgebander tempora F800 60.12 e-motion Format4 Felder Group Woodworking
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Tailor made financing solutions


The patented air-motion aggregate from Format4 enables the optical zero joint when processing co-extruded edge and laser edge material. The aggregate is controlled by the workpiece and can be activated and deactivated directly from the control unit. air-motion offers the homogenised optic finish of the workpiece with the panel and edge material, in particular with high gloss material. An edge material suited exactly to the material ensures a zero-joint line and as no time-consuming glue change of various colours is required, you profit from considerably reduced changeover times.

*The air-motion unit is sold in some countries under the name advantEdge


Format4 edgeControl makes operation and adjustment of the tempora edgebanders even easier and more precise.

The values ​​for edge and workpiece thickness that are recorded to the hundredth of a millimetre with the wireless measuring unit are transferred to the machine's smartouch operating unit via Bluetooth (workpiece thickness only with e-motion models). The controller recognises the measured values ​​and sorts them automatically according to workpiece or edge thickness. The operator then selects the desired setting values ​​from the measurement data log that contains the five last measured values. Smartouch automatically calibrates all required units to the exact dimensions.

With edgeControl, production losses due to typing or measuring errors as well as tolerance deviations of the edge dimensions are eliminated.


Easy and careful handling of large-size and surface-sensitive workpieces Placed directly on the machine's infeed ruler and equipped with a 0.75 kW blower motor, a constant air cushion between the machine table and the resting workpiece ensures easy and gentle workpiece feed. The solid table construction with a 1050 x 400 mm supporting surface (with an additional air cushion table expandable to 2000 x 400 mm) and the flexible extendable frame guarantee maximum stability during workpiece feed.


smartouch control unit and network connection reduces the manual settings to a minimum and enables a quick, easy and intuitive selection and control of the aggregate as well as the complete monitoring of all machine functions from the screen. The functions of smartouch include amongst other things:

--- Unlimited memory for user-defined edge programs
--- Maintenance plan, odometer for total metres of material used
--- Simple, self-explanatory representation of the units and their functions
--- Aggregate selection, exact fine adjustment of the motor positionable aggregates (accuracy of up to 1/100 mm) all from the main control panel
--- Glue temperature setting and automatic temperature reduction of the glue whilst in standby mode Now available with a monitor size of 21"

Two counter rotating, activation controlled and individually adjustable premilling units with diamond coated spiral cutters ensure first class edge processing before the material is glued to the edge. With the premilling unit you will achieve tear free edges when processing laminated material. After entering the exact dimensions, the premilling unit executes a perfect edge cut to your panels. The depth of cut can be electronically positioned on all of the e-motion models as standard.
The first pressure roller, which is solid and adjustable, presses the edging material to the workpiece. The adjustable control prevents the glue from smearing and the edging tape from being “crushed”. The two conical moulding pressure rollers complete the glue bond at the top and bottom. Two contact pressure settings can be selected from the control panel: less pressure for when strip material is processed and higher pressure for processing coiled material. Two pneumatic contact pressure settings can be selected from the control panel: a strip cylinder with low pressure and a roller cylinder with high pressure. All e-motion models have an electronically positionable pressure roller unit as Standard.
The operation controlled, high quality quartz infrared lamp warms the edge surface in front of the glue unit. This guarantees that the edging adheres to cold workpieces.
The “tempora” edgebander requires only 8 minutes to reach ­operating temperature! The Teflon coated glue pot and its ­tool-free quick change system is suitable for EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers) and PUR (Polyurethane resin) hot melt adhesive granulates. The fine adjustment of the glue cylinder ensures that the correct amount of the glue required is applied and can adapt perfectly to different edging materials.
Depending on the requirement, coiled material 0.016–⅛” (0.4 to 3.0 mm) thick and strip material up to ⅜” (12 mm) thick can be used for workpieces up to 2⅜” (60 mm) thick. An infrared sensor recognizes whether edging material is available to be machined. The guillotine trimming unit, to cut the coil material, are set to the maximum of 3x 2½” (64 mm). The 4¾” (120 mm) capacity automatic feed magazine feeds the material via the pingrip roller. The height settings on the pressure bar and the contact pressure manometer placed next to the edge infeed, ensure quick changeover times.
Low consumption guaranteed due to application controlled spray nozzles to apply separation solution for PUR glue, antistatic solution and lubricant for sensitive edging materials and cleaning agents and polish for clean workpieces and a perfect “finish”.
The end trimming unit consists of two independent saw units with high-frequency motors (12,000 rpm). Linear guides ensure maximum precision. The end trimming unit tilts from 0° to 15°. Depending on the equipment, tilting is regulated manually or pneumatically via the control panel (e.g. 15° bevel cut, only forward, only backward when manual, or forward and backward when electronic).
The multifunction trimming unit can trim flush, radius, or bevel edges. The unit consists of two independent trimming units with high frequency motors (12.000 rpm). Linear guides guarantee the highest possible ­precision with little maintenance required. The easy adjustment and setup of the unit, means that it is extremely quick to change between different edge thicknesses and profiles. Depending on the build option chosen, the multi-function unit can be, either adjusted manually, or controlled pneumatically via the control panel. On all of the e-motion models, the setting of the electronically positionable units is carried out on the color touch screen.
The “Nesting” Package optimizes the processing of ­workpieces with cup hinge holes or surfaces with acute angles.
The radius surface receives a light scraping removing any remnants from the trimming process, ensuring a smooth “finish”. The fine adjustment is manual. The radius scraper unit can be disengaged either manually or pneumatically from the control panel, depending on the model. On all of the e-motion models, the fine adjustment is carried out on the colour touch screen.

No more time consuming post processing of the ­workpiece! The Format4 corner rounding unit finishes workpiece corners (incl. soft forming and post ­forming ­materials) for edging materials from 0.016–⅛” (0.4 to 3.0 mm) thick and 2⅜” (60 mm) in height without reducing the feed rate. The solid cast iron construction, linear guides and tungsten carbide cutters ensure long term precision. The corner rounding unit is controlled via the control panel.

For a perfect surface “finish”. The light scraping function of the surface scraper knives removes all glue residues from the glue bond on the workpiece surface. One more step towards the perfect and completely finished workpiece.
The new grooving unit in the “tempora 60.12” ensures even ­greater productivity. It has a vertical function for back grooves and a ­horizontal function for tongue-and-groove joints - no need to use a spindle moulder on the workpiece. The type of ­function ­(vertical or horizontal), can be manually set in just a few ­seconds. The settings for groove position and groove depth (0–⅝” (0–15 mm)) can easily be selected from the ­color ­touchscreen with a .1 mm accuracy. Special grooving saw blades are used to adjust to the desired groove width (⅛–¼” (4–7.5 mm)).
The unit is made up of two independent electric motors, which are equipped with cotton brushes. The task of the buffing unit is to clean and polish the top and bottom part of the edge. Superior “­finish” for ABS and PVC edging ­material. On request, the machine can be equipped with spray equipment for the application of a polishing material.

The puReady nitrogen box makes you flexible in the use of PUR adhesives. In the future you can stay relaxed during production breaks, colour or glue changes. With puReady, your PUR adhesive, stored in nitrogen, remains fresh and processable for a long time. This keeps you flexible in edgebanding and also facilitates the cleaning of the glue pots.

  • Delays reaction processes in the PUR adhesive and thus prolongs the processing time
  • Facilitates and speeds up the cleaning process
  • Increases flexibility when using different PUR colours and PUR adhesives
  • Provides space for the storage of two glue pots
  • Simple operation and clear control displays
  • Mobile and space saving without power- and compressed air connection
  • Compatible with all glue pots of the tempora edge banders F600 / F800

The Format-4 storEdge offers space saving storage of your edge material, replaces the edgebander support plate and can be placed next to the machine as and when required.


The practical edge storage system "storEdge" can be additionally equipped with a support plate.


Your most important edge material, always at hand and stored with ease. - With the optional support plate your edgebander can always be loaded with edge band material.

  • Process PUR-adhesive longer, more efficient and free of maintenance.
  • Airtight construction extends the PUR adhesive durability several times over
  • Efficient adhesive application ensures optimum results at low PUR consumption
  • No machine downtime when changing the adhesive (from EVA to PUR) thanks to the PUR tank reservoir
  • Ideal for processing larger quantities of PUR (2 kg) over a longer period of time
  • Very small cleaning effort
  • Exclusively for tempora F800 series edge banding machines
edgebander tempora family
FORMAT4 tempora: Replacing the glue pot within only 55 seconds
The puReady nitrogen box makes you flexible in the use of PUR adhesives

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