DIY Tyrolean Stone Pine Bed 
built with FELDER® woodworking machines

We are going to show you step by step, how you can make your very own unique pine bed, using just Felder machines, a few hand tools and a passion for woodworking.

Building plans and planning software are available here:

In this project a Felder CF 531 combination machine & a Felder FB 510 bandsaw are used

Combination Machine

CF 531

  • Planing width: 12" (310 mm)
  • Cutting length: 39"–98" (1,000–2,500 mm)
  • Spindle fence for max. tooling diameter: 9" (230 mm)
  • MF moulder spindle system (Optional)
  • Horizontal mortiser (Optional)
combination machine CF 531 Felder Felder Group woodworking

Professional Line

  • Cutting height: 16⅛"–18⅛" (410–460 mm)
  • Cutting width: 18⅞"–27⅛" (480–690 mm)
  • Flywheel-dia.: 19⅝"–28" (500–710 mm)
  • Table size: 27½" x 33⅛" / 22" x 33½" / 19⅝" x 25¼" (700 x 840 / 560 x 850 / 500 x 640 mm)
  • X-Life® Ceramic bandsaw blade guide
  • Cutting speed: 60–69,9 ft/sec (1,100–1,278 m/min) / variable 21.9–76.5 ft/sec (400–1,400 m/min)
Bandsaw FB 710 Felder Felder Group woodworking

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