Hammer HNC FAQ mechanics

What is the maximum machining area?

The maximum machining area is 479 x 825 mm with a clamping area of 1005 x 574 mm.

Can metal also be processed?

Yes - the machine has been tested with non-ferrous metals and is approved for them. When using the right tool, good feed rates and chip removal can be achieved. The use of the HF spindle is recommended!

Where is the machine built?

Quality and precision from Austria – the machine is built 100% in the factory in Hall in Tyrol.

What do I need to get started?

  1. CNC milling machine
  2. Controller with CNC software
  3. CAD/CAM program
  4. Milling motor
  5. Milling cutter

Where can I place the machine?

The machine has levelling feet, so it can be adjusted according to the ground.

Is a table required?

As vibrations can occur, especially with rapid changes in direction, a stable table or base is recommended!

How do I make cut-throughs?

In order not to damage the machine table, cut-throughs must be made on a sacrificial plate. This sacrificial plate is placed between the machine table and the workpiece.

Do my cutters and collets fit?

The HFM milling motors use OZ16 collets, the HF spindle uses ER25 collets. Third-party products can also be used.
Cutters fit into the correct collet depending on the shank diameter.

What is the maximum processing height?

The machine has a clearance height of 160 mm. The 43 mm clamping neck sits 40 mm higher, the sleeve nut of the HFM 1000 is also at 160 mm height.

The maximum height of the workpiece depends on the length of the milling cutter.
Example: For a 50 mm long milling cutter, the workpiece can be 110 mm high.

The Z-axis itself has a traverse path of 160 mm – without a tool, the clamping neck remains 40 mm above the machine table (total height to lower edge of clamping neck 200 mm).

Which maximum feed rate is possible?

The maximum rapid traverse of the machine is 5 m/min (83 mm/s). Depending on the material and milling strategy, milling can also be carried out at this feed rate.

Which maximum depth adjustment is possible?

The maximum delivery depends on many factors:
  • Cutter diameter
  • Feed rate
  • Cross delivery
  • Cutter geometry
  • Machined material
Depending on this, the maximum depth adjustment must be determined.


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