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The output stage is built into the machine. It converts the command "Move 100 mm in this direction" into voltages, which then drive the respective motors.

Designation for the fourth axis.

C13 is the live line (female), C14 is the connection (male).

Computer Aided Design. CAD programs are used for drawing the workpieces.

Computer Aided Manufacturing. In the CAM the milling paths are drawn - the travel path (= milling paths) of the machine is created. The output from the CAM program is transferred to the machine.

USB is a serial signal. No difference in propagation time between transmitter and receiver is taken into account. The controller converts the serial signal into a parallel signal. This means that the next control command is only sent to the machine when the previous one is ready.

File formats of drawings.

Prevents frequency inverters from interfering with the power supply system.

Changes the current frequency (standard 50/60 Hz) and thereby controls e.g. the speed of a motor.

Universal machine code. Issued by the CAM program. The machine processes line by line:

T1 M06 S24000
G00 Z5.0000
G00 X206.3132 Y259.7196
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z0.0000 F1500 S24000
G02 X203.0906 Y257.3536 Z-2.0000 I-22.8734 J27.7765
G03 X206.3132 Y259.7196 Z-4.0000 I-19.6507 J30.1426
G02 X166.5091 Y255.7460 I-22.8734 J27.7765 F6000
G02 X156.3743 Y263.7737 I16.8181 J31.6438
G02 X147.4359 Y287.5103 I27.0513 J23.7378
G01 X147.4536 Y288.6411
G02 X177.5253 Y323.0209 I35.9746 J-1.1251

All axes of the machine can be moved simultaneously. This makes 3D surfaces possible.

Wooden plate, which is placed between the workpiece and the machine table. Thus the machine table remains undamaged when the workpiece is milled through.

Although G-Code is a universal language, different controllers speak different dialects of it. The post-processor translates the G-code into the correct dialect for the control software to execute all commands correctly.

Wooden plate, which is placed between the workpiece and the machine table. Thus the machine table remains undamaged when the workpiece is milled through.

Driven by a rotating magnetic field. The motor rotates 1.8° per step (= 200 steps per revolution).

The angle per step can be divided. This allows the machine to travel smaller distances. In the case of the HNC 1/8 step mode. 1 step then corresponds to 1.8° / 8 = 0.225°. (= 1600 steps per revolution).

The 0.225° rotation per step is converted into a linear movement via the trapezoidal screw spindle. With a spindle pitch of 6 mm (= 6 mm linear movement per revolution), a technical resolution of 0.00375 mm (6 mm/1600 steps) results for one step. The smallest distance the machine can travel is 0.00375 mm.

Are the individual axes of the machine. X is the long axis, Y is perpendicular to the X axis, Z is the height.


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