Our philosophy - Values that we live by

With a handshake quality, proven tradition and consistent innovation, we build the perfect machine for every woodworker.

Made in Austria

Each day, more than 800 employees work at the factory in Hall in Tyrol to find intelligent solutions for woodworkers all around the world. The Felder Group's range of products includes well over 180 machines - from combined standard woodworking machines to high-end 5-axis CNC machining centres, as well as smart software and fully automated robotics solutions.

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Handshake quality

Handshake quality, trend-setting machine concepts and high-quality products - this is how the one-man company Felderhas developed in over 65 years from a specialist for combination machines to a full-range supplier of professional woodworking machines for trade, commerce and industry.
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Close to our customers

We seek continuous cooperation and coordination with operators from trade, commerce and industry. This close cooperation makes it possible for us to take into consideration the requirements of the end users when we are developing new machine concepts, ensuring the competitiveness of our customers.

Pioneer in research & development

39 international patents, 100 new machine developments and market launches in recent years show the importance of the Felder Group research and development which made us a pioneer in the industry.

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The family company Felder

Our employees in development, production, marketing and worldwide sales are the guarantee of success for our high-quality machines. Now in the third generation of the founding family, over 800 employees at our headquarters and many hundreds worldwide work daily to find intelligent solutions for woodworkers around the world.
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Investment into the future

Perfection in woodworking requires qualifications! In order to create these conditions for the future of craftsmanship we have been supporting young woodworkers all over the world for many years. Whether as a skill presenter at the World, European and National Championships of the professions, as a promoter of various national and international young carpenter competitions or as a sponsor for educational institutions - the Felder Group invests in the future.

Sustainable production

Sustainability, environmental awareness and resource efficiency - these are not just empty words for us, but part of everyday life throughout the entire machine life cycle, from production in the factory to use by the customer. Throughout the plant, we rely on efficient and environmentally conscious processes. 100% electricity from renewable energy sources, a complex heat recovery system, state-of-the-art equipment and optimised energy concepts save 320,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year, equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 25 households.

There is always the right solution from Felder.

With the brands Felder®, Format4® and Hammer® we attend to our customers through all phases of their woodworking life.

Perfect woodworking has many faces. In the early days of the craft with inexpensive, functional and reliable Hammer combination machines. Later, for the growing carpenter workshop with the constant, professional use of solid and innovative Felder quality machines. Up to industrial series production with high-end machines of the premium brand Format4. It frequently happens that a Hammer combination machine shows up in ones hobby-workshop after retirement.

Like the grain of a piece of wood, each finished piece bears the signature of its creator. Individual and unique - a product of exceptional skills and world-class tools. For us, the customers and the products they create with their hands and woodworking machines are the signature of our company and our brands. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world stand for the success of our products.

Uncompromising quality for every demand

In a class of its own

Professional woodworking made affordable

Technically perfect, precise and durable