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industry panel saws kappa automatic mayer panel plastic

MAYER Beam Saws kappa automatic: Powerful, precise & efficient in cutting

Mayer beam saws convince with the proven, well-thought-out machine concept and numerous detailed solutions, which puts every requirement exactly in a nutshell. Each machine type stands for absolute excellence. However, the more diverse the requirements of the materials to be cut, the more it is the small details that determine the success of the entire process.

With its solid, heavy-duty saws, Mayer focuses on durable quality and first-class machine construction. It is also the full concept that convinces: The heavy-duty construction with steel pressure beam and material pusher, the simple operation even when working alone and maximum process reliability with the modularly structured cutting optimisation program as well as a new software package all guarantee maximum performance and precision in rational panel cutting.

The modular structured cutting optimisation software with barcode labelling represents highest process reliability. The saw carriage with main and scoring blade is guided along a hardened and ground round bar guide system. A highly precise gear drive and gear rack drive system results in an extremely smooth movement of the saw carriage with cutting speeds from 5 to 100 m/min. The high-end cutting edges are achieved by the automatic cutting height adjustment for the optimum saw blade entry angle and the smooth running of the saw carriage. The dual measuring system guarantees maximum repeatability. The pressure bar opens depending on the material height, which reduces the material movement times to a minimum. The "Green Line package" with its controlled extraction gates and direct control of the motors can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

MAYER. Technically perfect, precise and durable

The Otto Mayer machine factory has been producing panel-sizing and pressure beam saws for processing panel materials made of wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals and basic materials since 1950. The many years of experience guarantee quality and reliability at the highest level.

The most important highlights at a glance


A Mayer Beam Saw for every challenge

  • The kappa automatic 80 is the Mayer entry-level model for professional panel cutting and sets new standards in the compact class of horizontal panel saws.
  • kappa automatic 100. More strength, more power, more comfort! The beam saw with sophisticated equipment - energy-efficient, fast and absolutely accurate.
  • The kappa automatic 120 is the ideal beam saw for quick and dimensionally accurate cutting of single sheets and panel stacks.
  • kappa automatic 140 – The beam saw with maximum performance for fast and accurate cutting. Power, speed and flexibility impress right away.


The polished machine table is particularly advantageous when processing sensitive materials and also offers an unlimited useable life.
The constant speed of the saw carriage is variable and can be set between 5–100 m/min from the control panel. The rack and pinion system on which the carriage runs guarantees a constant cutting quality regardless of the material being processed.

A main and scoring saw blade guarantee perfect and chip free cutting results with a cutting height of 77/100/118/139 mm. Combined with the cutting direction against the fence, a first class high end cutting result is achieved.


The controlled kappa automatic pressure bar does not open completely whilst processing, but instead only by the height of the material, enabling quick production cycles with maximum efficiency.

The modular cutting optimisation software uses the material list to calculate the most economic cutting process taking the cutting times and amount of waste into consideration. Compatible with the majority of construction and design programs it is also possible to calculate the amount of material and length of edge required, cutting times and/or be connected to a warehousing system with material administration. 
With the lifting table/panel warehousing system attached to the rear of the machine, it makes it possible to load the saw, panel by panel. The panels required can be loaded directly from the stack of panels onto the saw.  
The automatic pressure device guarantees that the workpieces lie precisely against the mitre fence when cross-cutting (workpiece width 50–1200 mm).
The simple design of the control panel and the clearly laid out menu guidance of the software control with a Windows based system, is intuitive in its operation. Connecting the machine control to existing systems or networks is of course possible. The kappa automatic can be equipped with Ardis cutting optimisation software. As an option, it can also be equipped with a label printer. 
The material positioning unit is equipped with two measuring systems that constantly monitor each other. The combination of a highly precise servomotor and solid material grips ensure maximum repeatability. The measuring system is separate to the drive system and is completely free from wear and tear.
In combination with the cutting optimisation software a label can be printed for each workpiece with various information (order number, intended use, CNC program, which side is to be put through edgebander).

Solid steel clamps, pneumatically controlled, guarantee a safe and damage-free clamping of panel stacks (opening height 90/105/130 mm) and individual small panels.

The roller track supports the material pusher transport of panels and guarantees a precise feed of the panel material to the cutting line.
Unloading tables with air cushion technology guarantee a smooth handling of the material and a constant production flow especially when processing stacks of panels. Wheel conveyors situated near the material pusher ensure a gentle positioning of the material. For particularly pressure sensitive material the clamping pressure of the clamps can be adjusted using a manometer.
Pneumatic veneer fences are available for panel cuts of veneered panel materials with a veneer projecting edge or laminated panels.

The greenLine Package available for the kappa automatic models reduces the extraction volume required by up to 30% through a controlled extraction gate on the pressure bar. Additionally the motors use up to 30% less energy due to the reduced travel time after the cut. With a certified noise emission of only 73.5 dB the kappa automatic is one of the quietest beam saws in its class.


The kappa automatic beam saw, guarantees simple operation and maximum efficiency with numerous software packages.

  • Edge processing module with automatic final dimension calculation
  • Panel and waste management
  • Label editor with barcode function and picture module
  • ASCII-Export and Import
  • Network function

With an optical sensor directly behind the cutting line, the length of the workpiece is measured. This guarantees precise machining and eliminates the need for tedious manual measurements.


The air cushion function is extended from the side tables to the area of the cutting axis. The air nozzles are integrated into the solid steel table, thus maintaining absolute precision and unparalleled cutting quality as well as facilitating material handling.


The lamella screen seals the area around the cutting axis, thus improving the extraction performance and preventing the spread of chips. This is especially essential when machining plastics and aluminium.


kappa automatic 80

The saw carriage with main blade and scoring blade runs on ground and hardened round guides and ensures an extremely smooth movement and an exact right angle. The cutting height can be set manually, pneumatically or electromotive.

Pneumatically controlled, solid steel clamps ensure secure and damage-free clamping of panel stacks (75 mm opening height ) and individual small panel materials.



kappa automatic 140
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kappa automatic 140

kappa automatic 140
industry panel saws kappa automatic 140 mayer panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 3800 mm, 4300 mm, 5800 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 500 mm
  • Saw blade projection of 139 mm
  • Variable feed speed adjustment 5-100 m/min
  • Control: 24“ TFT display control, touch screen (optional)
  • Motor power 32.5 HP (24 kW)

kappa automatic 120

kappa automatic 140
industry panel saws kappa automatic 120 mayer panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 3800 mm, 4300 mm, 5800 mm
  • Saw blade diameter 400 mm
  • Saw blade projection of 118 mm
  • Variable feed speed adjustment 5-100 m/min
  • Control: 24“ TFT display control, touch screen (optional)
  • Motor power 24.5 HP (18 kW)

kappa automatic 100

kappa automatic 140
industry panel saws kappa automatic 100 mayer panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 3800 mm, 4300 mm
  • Saw ­blade ­diameter: 355 mm
  • Saw blade projection: 100 mm
  • Feed speed infinitely variable: 5–100 m/min
  • Control system: 24" TFT Monitor, touch screen (optional)
  • Motor power: 12 HP (9 kW), 18 HP (13,5 kW) (optional)

kappa automatic 80

kappa automatic 140
industry panel saws kappa automatic 80 mayer panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 3800 mm, 4300 mm
  • Saw ­blade ­diameter: 320 mm
  • Saw blade projection: 77 mm
  • Feed speed infinitely variable: 5–100 m/min
  • Control system: 24" TFT Monitor, touch screen (optional)
  • Motor power: 18 HP (13,5 kW) / 12 HP (9 kW)

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