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Zůstaňte v obraze! Informujeme Vás o všech důležitých termínech, akcích a událostech v branži a v poutavých video-zpravodajstvích Vám přinášíme všechny novinky LIVE z nejdůležitějších veletrhů konaných po celém světě.

Does our revolutionary glueBox live up to its promise?

26. 11. 2021

We found out for you in our water basin test. The ultimate endurance test: A panel with glued-on edges is placed in a basin filled with water. The result? Even...

Height adjustable working table – FAT - FELDER® - Felder Group

21. 9. 2020

A Must-Have for every workshop! The height adjustable Felder working tables are versatile in their use and always offer maximum stability and simple mobility....

NEW: CNC portal milling machine Hammer HNC 47.82 DIY Project

31. 7. 2020

Another proof of quality in practical tests! With this Jazz Bass guitar project, the Austrian Hammer® CNC portal milling machine once again proves its...

F4 Guide

19. 5. 2020

Hammer® HNC CNC portal milling machine: technical data and precision check

27. 4. 2020

The new Hammer HNC is the Austrian CNC portal milling machine for professional CNC results for hobby, trade, industry and schools. In this video we present the...

NEW: CNC portal milling machine Hammer HNC 47.82 for unlimited creativity

1. 4. 2020

What came first? The idea or the tool? With the new, 100% Austrian CNC portal milling machine from the Felder Group, you certainly won't have to wait long for...