Соціальна активність
Як сімейна компанія, ми усвідомлюємо нашу соціальну відповідальність і регулярно допомагаємо людям, які опинилися в особливо складних ситуаціях, надаємо підтримку наступному поколінню деревообробників, а також робимо внески у всесвітні благодійні організації.

Felder Group aids victims of earthquake in Syria & Turkey

24 бер. 2023 р.

The Felder Group supports the relief efforts of the private and medical aid organization "Doctors without Borders", which helps people in need and those...

Felder Group donates 18,000 euros to the Children's Cancer Aid Tyrol

19 січ. 2021 р.

2020 was a very challenging year. Massive restrictions on public life, many private and social deprivations and a completely changed working routine. With...

16.400 Euro at the Christmas Donation Collection 2019

13 груд. 2019 р.

Every year around the Christmas season, the Felder Group personnel collect for a good cause. Around 8,200 euros, a new record amount, was raised this year by...

Timion produces therapeutic products for South African children on Felder machines

12 груд. 2019 р.

Timion NPC is a humanitarian Christian aid organisation in South Africa dedicated to supporting and promoting children and their families who are socially...

A profit H200 CNC and lots of know-how for the School of Industrial Training and Education in Myanmar

6 груд. 2019 р.

The economic development of Myanmar, which once was a rich and progressive country, has been severely impeded over the past decades by colonial and military...

Machines, expertise and more for the "Jugend Eine Welt" project fighting poverty in India

22 жовт. 2018 р.

In celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th of October, the aid organisation "Jugend Eine Welt" is announcing two...