Social involvement

As a family company we are concious of our social responsibilities and regularly help people who are in particularly bad situations with contributions, support for the next generation of woodworkers as well as support worldwide relief organisations.

16.400 Euro at the Christmas Donation Collection 2019

Every year around the Christmas season, the Felder Group personnel collect for a good cause. Around 8,200 euros, a new record amount, was raised this year by the employees and doubled by management up to 16,400 euros. Karl Binder and Martin Rainer from the Felder Group handed over a cheque for 12,600 euros to Brigitte Schieferer, chairwoman of "Rettet das Kind Tirol", during the annual Christmas celebration. A further 3,800 euros were donated to the family of a fatally injured employee.

Fast and non-bureaucratic immediate relief, sponsorships, educational support and Christmas aid to make children laugh joyfully during difficult times - this is what "Rettet das Kind Tirol" does since 50 years. "This donation is really extraordinary, we thank the Felder employees and the Felder family for this great support. I am looking forward to reporting what was made possible with this donation", Mrs. Schieferer expressed her gratitude for the great willingness to donate.

Photo: Karl Binder and Martin Rainer (left and right) hand over the cheque on behalf of the Felder Group to Brigitte Schieferer from Rettet das Kind Tirol (centre).

Timion produces therapeutic products for South African children on Felder machines

Timion NPC is a humanitarian Christian aid organisation in South Africa dedicated to supporting and promoting children and their families who are socially excluded and/or disabled. Over the past few years, more than 1500 children have been cared for in holiday and therapeutic camps and more than 4000 orthopaedic aid devices of their own production have been distributed free of charge.

These therapy chairs, rollators, walking aids, therapy benches and much more are manufactured by volunteers of the organisation in a small workshop in Jefferys Bay near the Indian Ocean. Felder Group has equipped this workshop with a number of high-quality tools and a Felder bandsaw.

"These machines are a real blessing to us. All workshop employees, from Swiss carpenters to young and old volunteers to trained local employees, enjoy working with the Felder machines," says Daniel Meyer, director of Timion NPC, together with his team. "The quality of the workshop was improved by the high-grade Felder machines. Again and again we are amazed at how versatile the Felder combination machine is. The bandsaw is used for conventional woodcuts and for the production of wood joints, but also, for example, to cut the foam material for the padding of our auxiliary equipment. In addition, the educational and technical books made available are a great benefit in training our local workers," reports Alfred Ramseyer, one of many long-term volunteers.
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