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FORMAT-4 tempora F600 60.06L - Edgebander
Die Bearbeitung von Werkstücken mit Topfbohrungen oder Flächen mit spitzem Winkel wird mit dem „Nesting“-Paket optimiert
Steuerungseinheit mit 10,4” Touch-Farbbildschirm
Das Kappaggregat besteht aus zwei unabhängigen Sägeeinheiten mit Hochfrequenz-Motoren (12.000 U/min)
Geringer Verbrauch durch einsatzgesteuerte Sprühdüsen bei der Aufbringung von Trennmittel für PUR-Kleber. Verhindert das Anhaften von PUR-Kleber an der Werkstückoberfläche für ein perfektes „finish“ ohne Nacharbeiten

Productivity, flexibility and user comfort

Time, the most important resource in a modern workshop was the main focus whilst developing the tempora machine concept. Processing edges needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the tempora models combine the core skills of speed, productivity, flexibility and ease of use in a convincing complete package. The final finishing results when processing both coiled and strip material convince with incredibly high standards, that fulfil the ever increasing demands of edgebanding complete processing.

Modern and optimised edge processing aggregates and a flexible machine body guarantees absolute stability and reliability even at the highest of processing speeds. The user friendly control options, "x-motion plus" and "m-motion" ensure absolute repeatability and individual configurable operating programs enable quick manual change of the aggregates as well as control via the smartouch control panel. 

The tempora 60.06L has a single or dual motor corner rounding unit with a workpiece height of up to 60 mm.

The patented "advantEdge aggregate" brings "invisible joints" to your workshop. You can equip your tempora with a single or dual motor corner rounding unit and there are three free spaces for your choice of finishing units. The smartouch intuitive control unit with a 10 "or 16" touch screen ensures maximum operating convenience and productivity.

... FORMAT-4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Tailor made financing solutions

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edgeControl: Edge and workpiece measurement with Bluetooth
Air cushion table for easy and gentle material handling
Edge feed
smartouch control unit with m-motion
smartouch control unit with x-motion PLUS
Plokštės frezavimas
Kad siūlė nereikalautų pataisų.
Gluepot - short warm-up time, quick operational readiness
Format-4 advantEdge for an optical zero-joint
Pressure zone - Practically invisible glue-joint
End trimming unit
Precise cuts for every application
Daugiafunkcinis frezavimo agregatas
Naujoviška precizija su greitu valdymu.
Kampų užapvalinimo agregatas
Našumas, kurio neverta atsisakyti
Two motor double corner rounding unit
Profilinės ciklės agregatas
Plokščiosios cikles agregatas su valdomu paleidimu.
Spraying equipment for the perfect “finish”, leaving a workpiece requiring no further processing
Infrared lamp
for an improved edge adhesion when processing cold workpieces
“Nesting” Package
Pressure beam
Infeed fence
puReady: nitrogen box for glue pots with PUR adhesive
Save twice the space.
Format-4 storEdge
Format-4 storEdge including support

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edgebander tempora family

In the future you can stay relaxed during production breaks, colour or glue changes. With puReady, your PUR adhesive, stored in nitrogen, remains fresh and processable for a long time. This keeps you flexible in edgebanding and also facilitates the cleaning of the glue pots.

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