Formatinio pjovimo staklės kappa 400 x-motion

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formatinio pjovimo stakles kappa 400 x-motion format4 wood panel plastic
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formatinio pjovimo stakles kappa 400 x-motion format4 wood panel plastic

Convincing in all areas

The Format4 sliding table saws reflect at first glance the strive for perfection and the courage to find new solutions.
The machine's housing with its dynamic design conceals advanced technology and exemplary operating comfort! For you, this means simple and convenient operation at the highest level of work safety.

The Format4 kappa 400 is outstanding in all areas. In addition to a good price-performance ratio, the sliding table saw impresses with its 3-axis control, heavy-duty circular saw unit, sliding table, ease of use and precision.

x-motion: CNC power unit control with 5.7" (145 mm) LCD screen on overhead control panel.

The c-tech product line offers specially designed equipment options for processing plastics and composite materials.

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance



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kappa 400 x-motion
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kappa 400 x-motion

kappa 400 x-motion
formatinio pjovimo stakles kappa 400 x-motion format4 wood panel plastic
  • Pjovimo ilgis: 2050–3700 mm
  • X-Rollslankiojančio stalo kreipenčiosioms suteikiama 10 metų garantija
  • Pjovimo plotis 800-1500 mm
  • Pjovimo aukštis 133 mm
  • Valdymo sistema:x-motion
  • 9x99 programų vietos + pjovimo sekos

kappa 400

kappa 400 x-motion
formatinio pjovimo stakles kappa 400 format4 wood panel plastic
  • Pjovimo ilgis: 2050–3700 mm
  • X-Rollslankiojančio stalo kreipenčiosioms suteikiama 10 metų garantija
  • Pjovimo plotis 800-1500 mm
  • Pjovimo aukštis 133 mm
  • Valdymo sistema:Power-Drive

... FORMAT4-Aukščiausios kokybės staklės, atitinkančios aukščiausius reikalavimus

  • Didelis našumas nepertraukiamai pramonės gamybai
  • Klientui pritaikyti optimizuoti gamybos sprendimai
  • Solidus dizainas su aukščiausios kokybės komponentais
  • Daugybė specifikacijų paketų su aukštųjų technologijų sprendimais
  • Visiškas inžinerijos tikslumas
  • Aukščiausias naudotojo komfortas
  • Apdovanotas dizainas
  • Kokybė ir tikslumas iš Austrijos
  • Nepriekaištingas produktyvumas
  • Puikus paslaugų paketas prieš pirkimą, jo metu ir po jo
  • Individualūs staklių sprendimai


  • Electronic height adjustment with LED display
  • Electronic angle adjustment with digital LED display
  • Tilting of saw-blade 90°-45°
  • Oversized saw arbor with double bearing trunnions
  • Maximum energy transfer from the Poly-V belt ­
  • 3-speed: 3500/4500/5500 rpm
  • Optimal extraction with a completely enclosed, below table extraction system
  • Dovetail guidance system of the height adjustment
  • A highly robust synthetic material located in the guidance track of the tilting brackets, ensures they run smoothly and are maintenance free even under the most extreme conditions. The tilt guide segment runs without lubrication and is insensitive to dust.
  • High precision double-sided trunnion support system
  • High load-bearing capacity and operating life
  • Play-free tilt
  • Unaffected by dust
  • Completely maintenance free
  • No lubrication required
  • 6 year guarantee
  • Tilting of saw-blade 0°-45°
  • 133 mm of cutting depth at 90 degrees
  • 94 mm of cutting height at 45 degrees

Slot cutting is possible with Format4 panel saws. The use of adjustable dado tools, specifically developed by Format4, can be used thanks to the removable circular saw flange and the table insert.

A red LED strip immediately signals the operation of the scoring unit and offers even more working safety. (Option)
The clamping system is maintenance free and offers premium comfort for many years: Change saw blades effortlessly in literally no time at all.

An alternative to the worldwide unique Format4 saw blade quick change system "Easy-Lock" is now the "Quick-Lock" clamping system, which with the use of just one tool makes it quick and easy to change the saw blade.

The rip fence is positioned by a motor and runs via a dust-free integrated ball spindle in the saw table. Fence positioning is accurate to 0.1 mm, this combined with fast positioning speed and that the saw blade height and tilt can be adjusted simultaneously, ensures precision and significant reduction in working time.
  • Automatic measurement correction when the rip fence is laid flat
  • Rip fence park position
  • No collision possible with the saw blade due to the coordination of the tool database by the positioning control
  • The rip fence can be swung away at any point along the full rip capacity
  • The 8x ball bearings, integrated guide rollers and bearings of the outrigger table ensure an incredibly smooth operation upon maximum loading capacity. The support rail is moved along an “X-Roll” guiding system and is fast and fine-adjustable. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree. The fence can be tilted to any position between -45° and +45° and guarantees precise mitre cuts.

    As an option, it is also possible to equip the saw with the wireless push button control “ON” switch of the main blade and scoring blade to the sliding table, speeding up the work process further.

    “X-Roll”, making a difference:

    • Extremely smooth and precise sliding action! With the roller-bearing system there is no single point of contact between bearings and guiding track, maximising precision over the lifetime of the machine. A 3 way dust protection system ensures clean, dust free guide rails. This is obtained through silicon wipers, brushes and concave tracks. Your X-Roll sliding table guidance system is backed by a 10 year factory guarantee.
    • Clean, dust-free gui­de rails thanks to special silicon wipers.
    • Hardened-steel tracks ensure accuracy and durability.
    • 10 year guarantee
    The solidly built parallelogram outrigger table enables mitre cuts from –45° to +45°. The surface available for the workpiece remains the same regardless of the angle setting. The digital display of the angle setting is accurate to 1/100th of a degree. The angle/length compensation is carried out using either a Nonius scale or “digi-compensation plus”.
    No reading errors due to scales and vernier. No time-wasting with arduous approximations of angle values. The advantage of the ­FORMAT-4 degree index is that the stop is set and fixed without losing time or making reading errors.
    The outrigger table with workpiece roller is large in its design and the eight ball bearing guide rollers in the support arm ensure an extremely smooth movement, even when under maximum load.
    The telescopic fence enables crosscuts of up to 3200 mm. Top class engineering and ease of use are features which are a part of the standard equipment. The scale and the magnifying glass on the stop ensure precise adjustments and settings from the operating area.

    On request, we will equip your Format4 with the digital telescopic fence. Below, you see the cleverly integrated electronic digital scale with values correct to 0.1 millimeter. Additional functions, for example the setting of successive measurements, make your daily working life easier.

    The overhead saw guard is height adjustable and can be swung away. The average depth for especially wide work-pieces is 608 mm.
    The tried and tested tool compartment positioned directly at the front of the machine has now been made even more practical with the addition of two magnets for the storage of the riving knife and the scoring blade. There will also be the possibility to attach the edging shoe directly to the machine for storage. So everything is always in its place!

    Your Format4 can be optionally ­fitted with a spraying unit. High performance lubricating oil can be sprayed directly onto the saw blade, transported via piping from the spraying unit.


    kappa 400 x-motion

  • The vertical and horizontal position of the scoring blade in relation to the main blade can easily be set from the control panel
  • The information relating to the scoring blade can be saved in the tooling database appropriate to the saw blade. The next time the saw blade is required, the scoring blade automatically positions itself appropriate to that saw blade.
  • 1490-vorritzaggregat.png
    CNC-drive control unit with 5.7” (145 mm) TFT screen situated in the overhead control panel functions
  • Positioning control of the saw blade height
  • Positioning control of the saw blade angle
  • Automatic cutting depth compensation when tilted
  • Saw speed display
  • Control for variable saw blade speed (Option)
  • Positioning control of the rip fence with automatic measurement correction when the saw blade is at an angle (Option)
  • All possible functions also available in touch control mode
  • 99 storage locations in the tool database
  • 9x 99 storage locations for cutting programs
  • Program with stored functions (grooves, row of grooves, rabbets, wrong mitre, mitred cuts, calculator)
  • 1406-kappa-x-motion-standard.png
    The digital angle and length compensation module "digi-compensation plus" for X-roll or parallelogram outrigger tables compensate any changes in the length difference of the crosscut fence settings, as the angle is changed. The direct communication with the controls, also enables it to compensate the fence position of the crosscut stop to the width of the tooth and the tilt of the saw blade. This ensures that you always get an exact measurement without any recalibration when using different saw blades.

    kappa 400

    The rip fence can be fitted with an electronic digital display. The perfect integration of the electronic unit allows you to turn the display around 90°, so the values can be clearly seen and read from the operating area. Additional functions such as the input of incremental measurements make your daily working life easier. Further highlights:
  • Brightly illuminated red LED display facilitates the reading of values
  • No batteries are required as it is directly connected to the machine’s power supply
  • Recognises automatically whether the fence is in the vertical or horizontal position
  • Measurement compensation of the saw blade tooth width
  • 1016-elektronischedigitalanzeige.png
    FORMAT4 kappa 400

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