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Scope of application

FORMAT4 c-express 920 classic

The new c-express 920 classic Format4 CNC drilling and milling centre, carries out all repeat drill and simple milling work efficiently and precise, all in record time. Developed with the smaller workshops in mind, the c-express 920 classic offers a sensational price/performance ratio. Uncompromised development at Felder ensures you profitable CNC productivity. At the touch of a button, repeat drilling work programs can be loaded and reused. This ensures that CNC controlled cabinet production is a profitable option for every workshop, regardless of space constraints.


  • Compact CNC processing in just 3.4 m²
  • High precision 17  spindle drilling head for maximum flexibility
  • Horizontal processing of the workpiece ensures a constant zero point
  • Simple programming without the need to take the workpiece thickness into consideration
  • Grooving saw unit as standard for the processing of back panels or contruction connections
  • Modern laser measuring technology ensures highest measuring precision

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4-Aukščiausios kokybės staklės, atitinkančios aukščiausius reikalavimus

  • Individualūs staklių sprendimai
  • Didelis našumas nepertraukiamai pramonės gamybai
  • Klientui pritaikyti optimizuoti gamybos sprendimai
  • Solidus dizainas su aukščiausios kokybės komponentais
  • Daugybė specifikacijų paketų su aukštųjų technologijų sprendimais
  • Visiškas inžinerijos tikslumas
  • Aukščiausias naudotojo komfortas
  • Apdovanotas dizainas
  • Kokybė ir tikslumas iš Austrijos
  • Nepriekaištingas produktyvumas
  • Puikus paslaugų paketas prieš pirkimą, jo metu ir po jo
  • Automatikos sprendimai
  • Networked workshop
  • Programinė įranga ir staklės iš vieno tiekėjo


The c-express 920 classic is equipped with a DH17 8H 1S drilling head as standard.

  • 9 Vertical spindle
  • 8 Horizontal spindles
  • 1 slot cutter on the X-axis
One of the specification options on the machine is the milling aggregate. The tooling is clamped using an ER32 chuck. Changing of the tooling is carried out manually. This aggregate is used for the routing of cutouts, pockets, grooves and rebates.
The milling unit can be used for 3 sided reference cuts as as well as for milling forms within a workpiece. The workpiece has to be positioned at a right angle to the machine.
The horizontally designed transport system ensures the smooth transport and accurate positioning of workpieces of up to 30 kg in weight, allowing them to be processed from below by the aggregates. This design of the transport system prevents movement or burning of the workpieces by the tooling. This design of the transport system prevents movement or burning of the workpieces by the tooling. The fence positioned on the side allows the width of the workpiece to be set at any value up to 920 mm. The workpiece is then supported and guided from both sides guaranteeing a highly precise result.

Working area min.
X= 280 mm 
Y= 180-70 mm 
Z= 10 mm

Working area max.
X= 3000 mm 
Y= 920 mm 
Z= 50 mm

An extra attachment for narrower workpieces enables the exact processing of workpieces of between 70–180 mm in width.
When processing very wide or thin workpieces the pressure device guarantees an exact processing depth.
The use of the most modern measuring technology guarantees precise measuring of the dimensions. A laser and encoder measuring system are used to measure the exact length of the workpiece. This is of particular importance when it comes to construction connections for cabinets, ensuring that there is no overhang between the panels.
Ideal for the improved processing of longer workpieces.

The controls of the Format4 have been specially developed for woodworking machines for drilling, milling and sawing. Operation of the machine is carried out using a graphical user interface (self-explanatory diagram display). The programming software „Wood-Flash“ enables quick and easy programming of the workpieces. The 19“ LCD colour monitor, clearly and simply displays all of the processes to be carried out on the workpiece. As an option it is possible to link the machine with the cabinet programming software Flash 3D, that guarantees an even more rational processing of customer orders.

In order to achieve an optimal result even when processing sensitive surfaces! Maximum adjustable pressure up to 100 kg.
The working process is simplified as the hand terminal can be positioned as required. It is always there when it is needed.
This function allows the operator to program the machine to feed the workpiece to the rear when finished. This system allows the c-express 920 classic to be used in a production line. Selecting the unloading direction is easy to do, using a selection switch.
Optional additional table for the infeed and outfeed side. 
FORMAT4® – c-express 920 classic – CNC Machining

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