Teknologi CNC yang canggih pada level investasi terendah

Workshop universal pada khususnya menjadikan teknologi CNC yang terjangkau semakin meningkat kepentingannya Apapun produknya, baik itu seri produk standar ataupun produk modifikasi sendiri, universal mesin Format4 profit H200 memproduksi hasil akhir benda kerja dengan efisiensi maksimum dan sungguh sebuah penghasil keuntungan semenjak hari pertama digunakan dalam bentuk terbaru, desain yang permesinannya ditata ulang seutuhnya , mesin-mesin CNC dari Format4 menunjukkan kekuatan dan teknologi canggih secara sekilas.  casis mesin terbaru dengan baja utuh memastikan kestabilan yang maksimum juga output yang maksimum.  Dengan pilihan pengubahan berbagai macam alat yang beragam dan peranti lunak Format4 yang cocok sekali pada mesin, mesin CNC terbaru FORMAT4 adalah sebuah paket lengkap yang mumpuni untuk produksi pintu, jendela, tangga dan furnitur berbahan dasar kayu solid. 

FORMAT4 Sebuah keahlian tanpa kompromi untuk pencapaian tertinggi

Merek premium Felder Group sudah memenuhi standar tertinggi para pengguna profesional  sejak 2001 Solusi modifikasi dengan performa terbaik yang tidak kenal kompromi, inovatif, menawarkan kenyamanan maksimal dalam pengoperasian dan melengkapi produktifitas.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4 mesin premium untuk keperluan premium

  • solusi mesin yang dibuat sesuai keuangan anda
  • performa tinggi yang konstan dalam pengoperasion dunia industri secara terus menerus
  • solusi produksi yang dioptimalkan sesuai dengan kustomer tertentu
  • design yang kuat dengan komponen premium
  • Banyak variasi dari paket yang spesifik dengan solusi berteknologi tinggi 
  • Presisi keahliaan keteknikan yang lengkap
  • kenyamanan pengguna premium
  • Desain pemenang penghargaan
  • Kualitas dan Ketelitian dari Austria
  • Produktifitas tanpa kompromi
  • Paket pelayanan yang sempurna - sebelum, selama dan sesudah pembelian 
  • Solusi otomatisasi
  • Workshop/bengkel yang berkaitan 
  • Peranti lunak dan mesin-mesin dari pemasok tunggal


For the highest demands, all inclusive - tool library, programming section and an operator control panel on the machine with a consistent and intuitive user interface. F4®Integrate is a software developed by  Format4® Developed from practical experience for practical use in cooperation with our CNC customers, F4®Integrate meets the highest demands in modern CNC machining.

Enjoy the comfort of a state-of-the-art and well-coordinated user interface. Tool library (F4Toolbox), programming section (CAM area with integrated CAD area, F4Create) and machine operation control (F4Operate) all packed into just one single screen, with a consistent and intuitive user interface.

F4Integrate is based on G-Code, so external industry programs can be easily connected and the transfer of programs smoothly organised.


Vacuum pods and consoles are positioned visually, quickly and precisely with lightPos.

More than 6000 LEDs indicate the suction cup size, position, orientation as well as the console positions down to the millimetre. Thanks to a sophisticated colour management system, each vacuum type and its orientation is displayed in well-defined colours. RGB LEDs on the X-axis give information about the processing status. LEDs along the X- and Y-axis visualise the position and the dimension of the workpiece.

 With lightPos, workpiece positioning during alternating operation is carried out without expensive set-up times. That is comfort at its best. Find out more about lightPos here.

For this purpose, the H200 series is equipped with rear and centre fence rows. On the H300, H350 & H500 series, a front stop row is also available as an option. The solid cylinder stops allow flexible component referencing of small, medium and large workpieces on the work area.


For quick access to change the drill or maintenance work, the hood can be easily opened on all CNC machining centres.


A variety of vacuum pod shapes guarantee the secure positioning of any kind of workpiece shape. In addition, the number of vacuum suction pads and clamping devices can be used flexibly on the entire console without restriction.


In the standard configuration, the workpiece, the workpiece supports and the vacuum suction pads are displayed simultaneously on the CNC board. This guarantees, that the workpiece is securely positioned and that there can be no collision between the tool and vacuum pod. The exact position of the vacuum pods on the consoles is shown accurately using a laser.

The lightPos system is available as an extension to our standard positioning aid.


Not only vacuum suction pads but also frame clamping devices can be used for the processing of frame components. In contrast to vacuum suction pads, frame clamping devices use compressed air to generate their clamping force. This allows a significantly higher clamping force to be achieved. The compressed air connections are located on the bottom of the console.

The advanced and intuitive touch-screen control concept guarantees maximum user friendliness. The clearly structured and self-explanatory user interface allows you to operate the machine with ease and ensures maximum productivity. The machine controls are clearly displayed graphically and various programmes, set-points and commands can be executed quickly, easily and accurately at the touch of a button.

The changing colours of the innovative lighting system display the various machine statuses. This makes it possible to keep up-to-date on the current status of your profit CNC Machining Centre.
Loading supports assist in the simple loading and unloading of large or heavy workpieces. A major advantage is that they enable you to operate the machining centre alone.
For template milling there is a separate connection available. Using templates makes it possible to fix complex components in place, that could otherwise not be processed using vacuum pods.
Specially designed for use with compressed air controlled frame clamp systems, this function offers new possibilities and enormous clamping strength when it comes to the processing of solid wood. The ability to be able to deactivate the consoles individually makes it possible to remove waste material without having to release the vacuum holding the workpiece. This ensures that the workpiece stays in exactly the right position for the next working process (inner profiles etc.).
In addition to the standard workpiece cylinder stops, there are additional stops specifically developed to machine veneered panels with projecting veneer or laminate.

Area kerja:
X= 3300 mm
Y= 1280 mm
Z= 250 mm
(ketinggian saluran dari ketinggian konsol)


Apapun itu, mesin hanya akan digunakan untuk pembuatan kabinet atau untuk pembuatan apa saja, anda bisa memutuskan mana konfigurasi kepala pengebor yang cocok untuk anda. Pilihlah antara, kepala pengebor dengan poros pengebor dengan poros vertikal atau dengan poros dan gergaji grooving untuk pemrosesan vertikal dan horizontal. Inverter dikendalikan motor sampai dengan 7,500 rpm

With a motor power of 12 to 15 kW with up to 24.000 rpm and inverter controlled, the main spindle motor is more than capable to tackle any task. The motor is fixed directly on to the carrier unit in the Z-axis. The highly precise vertical guiding of the moulder motor is guaranteed by two vertical guide tracks. The HSK F63 tool clamping is carried out automatically. The clamping pressure of the tool is controlled by sensors and the operation safety guaranteed. The tooling housing is cleaned pneumatically. The C-axis is optionally as the available fourth axis and is interpolating (360°) with a compressed air interface for the units.
A chip deflector mounted to the spindle controlled by the C-axis enables the unlimited use of existing tools. When machining the edge of a workpiece, dust and chips are directed into the extraction port.
Chip conveyor for waste pieces and residual chips and dust: For the removal of offcuts and chips from the machine chassis (right hand side). At the end of the conveyor belt they are separated using a separating slide and then extracted. The offcuts are collected in a container.
The extraction hood positions itself fully automatically to one of 3 positions in relation to the workpiece height which significantly reduces the dust and noise emissions.

Dengan kontrol otomatis dari penghubung penghisap, kapasitas penghisap penuh dipindahkan antara kepala pengebor dan poros utama tergantung pada apa yang digunakan pada saat itu.

Mounted onto the main spindle to optimise routing.

The automatic length measuring unit determines the tool length with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre directly within the machine. This eliminates measuring errors by the machine operator.

The 12-fold linear tool changer on the left side of the machine base-frame allows the storage of up to 3 units. In addition, the frontmost unit storage position can be used as a pick-up station for hard-to-reach tool changing stations.

An optional cover protects the high-precision HSK tool-receiving socket from dust and chips.

Tool changer for 4 tools or aggregates, mounted to the gantry. Ensures quick tool changes even when working in pendulum operation.
The rotary tool changer with 18 tool positions is mounted to the back of the gantry and moves together with the gantry along the X-axis. The 18 position rotating tool changer, keeps tool changing times to the bare minimum.
The tool changer with 12 tooling positions improves productivity and creates more space for additional tools on the machine.
The 3D simulator enables accurate machining times to be calculated and an exact representation of travel distances, feed rate speeds, overtravel heights and optional equipment such as the 5-motion unit, chip deflectors, rotary tool changer and drilling head. The collision check tests whether any collisions could happen and guarantees the working safety on the machine. Through the allocation of the tool DXF profile, the contour of your router can be shown on the workpiece. Even when calibrating new tools, the DXF profile can be used which helps to reduce the amount of material use.

Pelumas diaplikasikan saat dan ketika dibutuhkan pada kereta pemandu dari koordinat X, Y dan Z  juga poros bearing pada Y dan Z. Pelumasan dikerjakan secara otomatis setelah waktu penyetelan.

X-axis guiding system:
Positioning is carried out by recirculating ball bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The X-axis is positioned via a cambered rack and pinion gear.

Y- and Z-axis guinding system:
Positioning is carried out by recirculating ball bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The Y- and Z-axis is positioned by a polished recirculating ball spindle.


Jika tudung dalam posisi parkir, keseluruhan area kerja bisa diakses dengan bebas Maka dari itu, operator mesin mempunyai akses bebas selama peletakkan benda kerja


Jika tudung dalam posisi parkir, keseluruhan area kerja bisa diakses dengan bebas Maka dari itu, operator mesin mempunyai akses bebas selama peletakkan benda kerja


Pengubah alat dan kabinet kontrol terletak dibawah level nol dari area kerja Hal ini memungkinkan komponen ekstra panjang untuk bisa dijepit secara fleksibel dan diproses dalam 2 langkah


Terima kasih pada manajemen vakum 2 sirkuit pada konsol kami, peralatan penjepit dikunci sebelum benda kerja diletakkan Bantalan penghisap vakum oleh karena itu sudah tidak bisa lagi dipindahkan dan ketahanan proses bisa ditingkatkan


Mesin kami diperlengkapi dengan bantalan penghisap vakum dengan tinggi 100 mm Karena jarak yang ditingkatkan antara konsol dan benda kerja, pembatasan proses dengan mesin pada benda kerja bagian bawah secara signifikan diminimalisir, juga ketika menggunakan agregat pada permukaan lateral


At the front of the machine, a foot switch bar is integrated in the pedestal along the entire length of the working area. This eliminates the need to search for or move the foot pedal during workpiece positioning. The simple construction blends into the coherent design of the machine.


Layanan Konsumen dan Pemeliharaan

Anggota pemeliharaan yang dilatih secara khusus selalu ada untuk menyediakan servis ditempat khusus untuk anda Jika ada masalah darurat, anda bisa menelfon pusat panggilan untuk pertolongan langsung segera.  Hubungi konsultan atau laporkan permintaan anda secara nyaman daring pada jam kerja.

Do you have any questions?

Kami bahagian bisa menyarankan pada anda secara daring, melalui sambungan telfon ataupun secara langsung di tempat pada lebih dari 250 pusat penjualan dan layanan purna jual di seluruh dunia. 



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