The most important highlights at a glance

FORMAT-4 profil 45 M x-motion - Tilting Spindle Moulder
Solid cast iron spindle moulder table
“Easy-Glide” maintenance free tilt segment with a 6 year guarantee
Massive time savings thanks to the quick-change spindle system
Tilt-away mount for spindle moulder fence to increase efficiency
7“ TFT touch-screen control panel at eye level

Premium operating comfort for maximum productivity

When changing the spindle, the renowned moulder spindle quick change system ensures maximum productivity. Spindle moulders with different diameters and pre-mounted tools for serial moulding work can be interchanged and used in seconds.

One of the absolute highlights of the new profil 45 x-motion is the 7“ TFT monitor with “x-motion” control package for unique user comfort of the premium class. The touch screen control unit is always at eye level and provides all the important information at a glance. Alongside all of the settings of the spindle, the new Format4 spindle moulder fence can also be controlled directly from the touch screen. The premium package offers maximum efficiency, with program recall at the touch of a button with individual configurable moulding programs and an optionally available tooling database.


  • Solid cast iron table offering vibration-free stability
  • Tool free moulder spindle quick change system for high productivity
  • Spindle moulder fence, moulder spindle height and angles can be precisely adjusted using electrical height and angle control
  • Maximum user-friendliness and safety: 320 mm table opening and rearward tilting spindle
  • High performance spindle aggregate with accurate double guiding system and a 6 year guarantee on the tilting segment guide “Easy-Glide” 
  • “x-motion” control package: 7“ TFT-Touchscreen usable at eye level – maximum productivity with program saving, incremental function with current setpoint and actual value display

    ... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • CE + GS dust certified
  • Tailor made financing solutions

Details & Accessories

Small details - Big impact!
The Spindle Unit: Precision, down to the smallest detail
High-Speed Router Spindle
“x-motion” control
Spindle fence control via touch screen
The FORMAT-4 moulder spindle tilts backwards: This is an important advantage for you when working on all kinds of pieces!
Quick-change spindle ­system
Spindle fence control
Spindle moulder fence quick clamping system 
Moulder fence with tilt-away bracket
Spindle moulder table opening: 320 mm
Details: Stability and high performance even when under maximum load
Dual extraction for the spindle function

Equipment & Specifications


The Profil profil 45 x-motion tilting shaper from FORMAT-4® makes the complicated setup of any shaper so easy. Automatic CNC controls with movement in the shaper height and tilt along with automatic movement of the shaper hood. Programmable tooling and machine functions make for fast and perfectly accurate adjustments. With the option of using many diameter shaper shafts or even a router shaft the Profil 45 leaves little to be desired. This machine is a must for any woodworker manufacturing furniture, doors, windows, molding, architectural or construction work.

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