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Felder® woodworking machines have kept their promises for more than 65 years. With their durable construction, high-precision design, efficiency and performance in daily use, Felder® woodworking machines guarantee best results. If you are looking for first-class woodworking machines - by choosing a Felder woodworking machine you can be sure to get top quality from Austria at the best price. Guaranteed.


Highly functional, safe and multi-purpose woodworking machines

Unique detailed solutions and the intuitive, safe operation of woodworking machines are values that Felder® customers have relied on for decades. Discover the world of Felder® woodworking machines designed to process solid wood, panels, plastics and composite materials.


Woodworking machines for uncompromising quality and for every challenge

Driven by the relentless innovative spirit, we continue to evolve. Felder® offers efficient and durable solutions for woodworkers around the world who are looking for more than just a woodworking machine. This benefits you as a business, a craftsman or as a woodworker.

Product news

Sliding Table Panel Saw

K 945 S

  • WORLD FIRST: PCS® - Preventive Contact System
  • Cutting length: 2050–3700 mm
  • X-Roll sliding table, 10 year guarantee
  • Rip capacity: 800–1500 mm
  • Cutting height 155 mm
  • Control: "Power Drive" (option)
Bandsaw with sliding table 

FB 940 S

  • Cutting height: 570 mm
  • Rip capacity: 910 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 930 mm
  • Sliding table: 1550–3700 mm
  • Outrigger with crosscut fence
  • Motor power: 7.35 kW
  • Variable cutting speed: 320–1120 m/min
Vertical panel saw

KV 925

  • Cutting depth 60 mm
  • Cutting length: 2500 mm, 3200 mm, 4300 mm, 5200 mm
  • Vertical cutting height: 1600 mm, 1900 mm, 2200 mm
  • Motor power 3 kW
  • LED-status display
Brushing machine

structura 40.02

  • Workpiece height: 3–200 mm
  • Brush width: 400 mm
  • Brush unit: steel brush and Tynex brush
  • Feed 2.5–10 m/min
  • Quick and easy height adjustment with the hand wheel
Membrane press

MVP 31.14 flex

  • Membrane vacuum press for shape gluing
  • Frame inside dimensions 3170 x 1440mm
  • Work tabel tiltable made of HPL
  • Highly elastic rubber pressing membrane
  • 40m³ oil lubricated vacuum pump
  • Undercarriage
Edge sanders

FS 700 K

  • Machining of long workpieces
  • Sanding belt width 200 mm
  • Tiltable sanding unit
  • Height and angle adjustment via handwheel
  • Buffing of acrylic with polishing belt
  • Storage compartment in the chassis

G 560 classic

  • Quick changeover times: Exchangeable gluepot for EVA and PUR glues
  • Fastest settings with the Felder „Quick-Set“ system
  • Edge thickness from 0.4–5 mm
  • Workpiece height 8–50 mm
  • Tear-free in any case: premilling unit with two diamond-tipped spiral jointing cutters
  • up to 3 finishing units for the best finish
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