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Tilting spindle moulder

profil 92 M e-motion

  • Electro-spindle with variable speed and HSK 63F interface
  • Double pivoting 2 x 46°
  • Swing-away fence stop with two controlled axes
  • HSK 63F quick tool change system
  • Table opening with controlled, eccentric insert rings
  • Intuitive e-motion control for moulder spindle, fence stop and table opening

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Sliding Table Panel Saw

kappa 590

  • Double pivoting +/- 46°
  • Cutting length: 2200–3700 mm
  • X-Roll sliding table, 10 year guarantee
  • Rip capacity: 1000–1600 mm
  • Cutting height 202 / 152 mm
  • Control: e-motion / x-motion
  • ∞ program spaces + ARDIS cutting optimisation

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Pressure beam saw | Beam saw, horizontal

kappa automatic 80 edition

  • Limited Edition
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 3800 & 4300 mm
  • Saw ­blade ­diameter: 320 mm
  • Saw blade projection: 77 mm
  • Feed speed infinitely variable: 5–100 m/min
  • Control system: 24" TFT Monitor
  • Motor power: 12 HP (9 kW),

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Sliding Table Panel Saw

kappa 550 e-motion

  • Cutting length: 2200–3700 mm
  • “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee
  • Rip capacity: 1000–1600 mm
  • Cutting height: 202 mm
  • Control system: e-motion
  • ∞ program spaces + ARDIS cutting optimisation

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Loading unit


  • Maximum productivity and reduced production costs with single person loading
  • The healthy workshop: Fatigue-free working, puts no strain on your back – fewer sick days
  • Surface neutral vacuum system – no more scratches!
  • Maximum flexibility – Free choice of the number and position of the stacks of the material

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Vacuum panel lifter


  • Ergonomic system for easy panel transport both horizontally and vertically
  • Vacuum generator via ejector for a strong vacuum at a relatively low flow rate for the handling of permeable materials
  • Comfortable control in single person operation and tilting function from 0-90°
  • Suitable for loads up to 250 kg
  • Available with column-mounted slewing crane, wall-mounted slewing crane or smooth running rail system

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5 axes CNC Machining Centre

profit H350

  • Small footprint – minimal space requirement!
  • 5 axes router spindle, solid construction with 12 kW liquid cooled motor
  • Drawing = programming, intuitive operating software
  • Software including 3D cabinet software “F4-Design” for presentation, parts list and connection to the machine
  • Gantry design, synchronised drive, solid construction for maximum performance
  • The drilling head covers the whole working field
  • High quality dual circuit vacuum clamping system with 100 mm vacuum pod height
  • Large Y dimensions for maximum processing depth
  • F4®Solutionsready

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Nesting CNC Machining Centre

profit H08

  • Small footprint – minimal space requirement!
  • Automation with unloading unit
  • Smart zoning – flexibly assignable vacuum fields
  • Aggregate holder with fixed position
  • Drawing = programming, easy to use software
  • Woodflash software
  • Gantry design, synchronised drive, solid construction for maximum performance
  • Automatic tool length measuring system
  • Perfect nesting with the matrix table made from phenolic resin
  • F4 Capture - Optical fiducial marker recognition
  • F4®Solutionsready

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CNC Machining Centre

profit H80

  • Intelligent vacuum management system "SMART ZONING" for all machine sizes
  • Unlimited and interpolating C axis
  • Use of aggregate with compressed air interface for limitless use of the machine
  • Numerous automation options for loading, aligning, unloading and labelling
  • Optimisation options for perfect extraction results: Central suction hood, height-adjustable suction hood, under and above table extraction as well as a special compact surface extraction hood
  • F4®Solutionsready

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5-axis Nesting CNC machining centre

profit H150

  • Powerful electrospindle with 5 axes for unlimited processing possibilities
  • Intelligent SMART ZONING vacuum management system with pendulum operation
  • Four sizes for every workshop: 16.38, 19.38, 22.32 and 22.43
  • Front stop row set back for unrestricted machining of individual workpieces with a 3-4 or 5-axis spindle
  • Large Z passage size of 200 mm offers flexible machining of high workpieces.
  • Loading and unloading units as well as automatic labelling on the loading table
  • Up to 36 tool positions
  • F4®Solutionsready

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