Tradition – Innovation – Perfection: A risk-free decision

Woodworking machines from the FELDER GROUP are the result of the 60 years experience in machine construction and a desire to improve even further.

Today the Felder Group has around 650 employees at the company's headquarters in Hall and is classed as one of the worldwide leading suppliers of woodworking machines for hobby, business and industry. There are more than 250 sales centres in 84 countries selling over 180 models from the Hammer, Felder and Format-4 brands.

KR Engineering PTY LTD

KR Engineering was established in 2001 by Richard Stampfl and Kurt Rothlisberger with the objective of becoming a market leader in the provision of quality European woodworking machinery in Australia.

Nine years on we have achieved this objective by offering unparalleled customer service and the best breed of products in the Industry.


2003 – Stefan Kremer and Peter Burkitt obtain the Felder Group agency for NSW & ACT.

2004 – Felder QLD starts its operation from Brisbane. 

2005 – The FELDER Series 700 are presented in a new design and colours. These machines now offer users even more integrated technology, better precision and increased operational comfort. 

2006 – Felder VIC commences its operation from Fairfield in Melbourne. 

AWISA 2006 – Felder Group attends the second AWISA in Sydney and presents a number of machines with fantastic results. The Felder brand enjoys greater popularity amongst the manufacturers in the woodworking industry than ever before. 

2007 – Felder Group is joined by another Sales Manager. At the same time FELDER 500 is introduced to Australia and New Zealand.

2008 – The Felder Group expands again as Stefan Marquart joins Felder NSW as a Sales & Technical Manager. With years of experience as a cabinet maker, he has a substantial knowledge and experience in the woodworking industry and its machinery. 

AWISA 2008 – The Felder Group successfully attends another AWISA in Sydney. On the expanded stand of 250 m2 Felder exhibits machines ranging from smaller Hammer machines to Format4 CNC controlled panel saws. A new Felder G 560 Edgebander with a pre-milling unit has its debut at the show and attracts a lot of interest from the existing client base as well as other visitors at the show.

FORMAT4 FINISH 1302 – The Felder Group introduces a new, state of the art 1300 mm double module wide-belt sander Finish 1302 from Format4 range at the in-house show. The Format-4 Finish 1302 automatic wide-belt sander delivers a more than perfect workpiece finish!

NEW SERVICE TECHNICIAN IN NEW ZEALAND – The Felder Team appoints a technician for New Zealand.

BIGGER AND BETTER SHOWROOM AND WAREHOUSE – 2008 Felder NSW doubles the size of its showroom and warehouse in Emu Plains. The expanded warehouse allows to increase the stock volume considerably – almost all main machines are on display and can be seen in operation.

2011 – Felder NSW is joined by another Sales Representative George Cycon who looks after clients in the Sydney and South NSW areas. 

2012 – The Felder team grows again – Mark Tchorz, an experienced technician becomes a addition and Felder now has three technicians in NSW.


The Felder showroom is now three times as big as its original showroom. The second hand machinery display is added to its existing new machinery showroom. The spare parts & accessories area doubles in size. Felder stocks parts & accessories in greater quantities including those sold via Felder E-shop and the delivery time on many items is shorter. 

2014 – In early 2014, Felder VIC employes an experienced technician Timo Kappel.

AWISA 2014 – For the first time AWISA is held in Brisbane. The whole FELDER Group is attends the show Despite the smaller venue, very good client attendance.

2016: Our NSW team expanded yet again as we welcomed Tim Birkenbach as our new service technician.  

2017: Ralf joined the VIC team as a service technician and Glen as their new sales representative. 

2018 has already been an exciting year. We employed Isabelle Bruderlin in the role of business administrator / accountant, Dominik Holfter joined as a new area sales manager and Peter Huang is our new office manager – spare parts. From 4/7 – 7/7 you will be able to find us at AWISA (stands 1607 and 1626) in Sydney. 

This year has also seen the emergence of a fantastic edgebanding range: Tempora. Read more about it here


Every year the Felder Team participates in woodworking shows in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne and will continue to do so. 


Felder NSW also hosts an annual in-house show. This show is the ideal platform for the Felder Team to catch up with the clients, meet new or potential customers, discuss news in the woodworking industry, offer technical assistance and attractive Oktoberfest specials on selected tooling and machinery. And there is plenty of Austrian beer and sausages to be enjoyed by all.