We let our customers speak

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on woodworking machines from Felder and consequently become ambassadors for perfect woodworking. For us, the success stories of our customers represent recognition and motivation as well as the signature of our company. We are proud that with our machines all over the world, countless unique goals are achieved and success stories written every day. Tell us about your projects, we are looking forward to every single one.

Möbelmanufaktur Goertz

"FORMAT4 is a real family business and at the same time, one of the most modern machine manufacturers throughout Europe with a perfect all-round service. I get...

Sandalyeci A.S.

"The surface of workpieces is really incredible!"

Akaal LTD

"We wanted to produce perfect surfaces and now we are able to do."

Gheorghe Predescu

"Everything starts with the right machine"

Famille Odinot

"The Format4 kappa 550 is ideal for massive cutting procedures."

Mertl Kunststoffe

"The good advice and the quality of machines from the Felder Group fit our expectations perfectly. This machine helps us to produce the quality demand by our...