Tilting Spindle Moulder profil 45 Z x-motion

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spindle moulders profil 45 z x-motion format4 wood panel
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spindle moulders profil 45 z x-motion format4 wood panel

Tilting Spindle Moulder profil 45 Z

Elegant, perfectly designed and intelligent – the Format4 profil 45 Z offers perfection at the push of a button regardless of the operation. The highlights for the professional user: height and angle adjustment of the spindle as well as the positioning of the spindle fence can be quickly and easily adjusted from the control panel. The spindle quick change system ensures extremely quick changeover times and maximum production efficiency. Premium woodworking of the highest level with quality from Austria

The 7“ TFT monitor included in the “x-motion” control package offers unique user comfort that is simply top class. The touch screen control unit is positoned at eye level and provides all of the important information necessary.

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

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profil 45 Z x-motion
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profil 45 Z x-motion

profil 45 Z x-motion
spindle moulders profil 45 z x-motion format4 wood panel
  • Table opening: 320 mm
  • Spindle fence for max. tooling diameter: 250 mm
  • Quick-change system of the spindle, Standard
  • Slot and tenon table: 1300 mm (2050 mm/2500 mm)
  • Moulder spindle control: x-motion touch screen

profil 45 Z

profil 45 Z x-motion
spindle moulders profil 45 z format4 wood panel
  • Table opening: 320 mm
  • Spindle fence for max. tooling diameter: 250 mm
  • Quick-change system of the spindle, Standard
  • Slot and tenon table: 1300 mm (2050 mm/2500 mm)
  • Speeds: 3500, 4500, 6000, 8000, 10000 rpm (Option: infinitely variable 1500-10000 rpm)
  • Moulder spindle control: Power-Drive

... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

Tilting spindle moulder  profil 45 Z Format4 Felder Groupwoodworking
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Tailor made financing solutions


The “Easy-Glide” tilting segment guide in every Format4 machine aggregate meets the high requirements of business and industry. A precise, guided, double-sided support, guarantees maximum load bearing and tolerance free tilting.

Every detail of the heavy duty profil 45 spindle moulder unit has been designed based on decades of machine manuacturing experience combined with modern production techniques. The powerful spindle motor unit on the profil 45 has been specially designed for industrial use. With the precision dual guidance ensuring exact angle adjustments and the dovetail guiding system guaranteeing exact linear height adjustment, you are assured accurate settings for many years to come.
The spindle quick-change system will provide you with almost limitless possibilities of use. You can use spindles with pre-mounted tools for series production, or use spindles with a different diameter. The spindle can be changed in seconds. A particular highlight is the ability to mount a high speed router spindle with 15,000 rpm capability. For maximum stability and durability the Format-4 spindle has been designed with 3 high quality “precision type” bearings!

Forward tilting of the spindle moulder can be dangerous and has serious handling disadvantages: Increased risk of accidents, Limited height of workpiece, Power feeder operation is not possible, Inferior workpiece finish, Poor or even impossible chip removal The Format4 spindle tilts backwards which has many advantages: Safety, as there is no pinch point , Suitable for any workpiece size, Problem-free power feeder application, Impeccable machined surface, Optimal chip removal

Available as an option: Attach and release the moulding fence in a single hand movement. By simply moving the quick-clamp lever, the moulder fence can be fixed in the desired position and released completely, with just the turn of a hand and without any force.  
Change routing tools quickly and safely. The "Quick-Lock" clamping system allows a convenient change of cutters on the table router and reduces the risk of injury from slipping. Suitable for Ø 30 mm spindles 
The safety bar guides are great for end-grain work (optional).
The large table opening allows for maximum operator safety. For large dimension tooling, as used for tenoning and panel raising, the cutterblock can be conveniently positioned below the table.
The dual extraction system from the spindle unit and fence ensures that the machine stays clean and dust free.
Large and durable, the slot and tenon table “hovers” on top of X-Roll guides - a highly developed, modern guiding design. The shaped arrangement of the rollers (“X-Roll”) helps to evenly distribute the pressure on all sides. The linear position of the steel rollers on the hardened and polished guiding surfaces guarantees precision and smooth operation. A 10-year factory guarantee comes as a standard.
Option: The outrigger table makes it much easier to process large and heavy work prieces when using the sliding table. Providing support and smoothness, the outrigger telescopic arm is fitted with 4 ball bearing guiding rollers.
Option: The 1300 outrigger table has a very large surface area, increasing the support when processing larger pieces. The workpiece roller at the end of the table helps to load larger pieces without causing any damage. When combined with a 2500 mm tennoning table, large doors or windows can be manufactured with ease.

profil 45 Z x-motion

An absolute highlight of the “x-motion” package is the 7" TFT colour monitor for unique operating comfort that is top class. The touch screen control unit is at eye level and provides all of the important information at a glance. Alongside all of the settings of the spindle, the new Format4 spindle fence can also be positioned directly from the touch screen. The premium package offers maximum efficiency with program retrieval at the touch of a button with individually configurable moulding programs and the tooling database.

Pin point accuracy, exceptional user friendliness, and very short setup time are guaranteed with equipment of the highest standard: With the profil 45 x-motion positioning the fence is done simply and precisely using the centrally located TFT colour display with 7" touch screen. Increase your efficiency and productivity in series production with adjustments being made in seconds and repeatability always guaranteed.
Important for quick and efficient change of moulding tools, moulder spindle and for curved moulding.

profil 45 Z

Turn the control knob for quick adjustment, and push the button for fine adjustment. The LED display clearly shows the actual value.
The high speed router spindle is designed for router shaft diameters of Ø 6–16 mm and a speed of 15,000 rpm with up to 10 HP.
The precise quick adjustment of the spindle is done using motors and the current setting is displayed in real time.
Important for quick and efficient change of moulding tools, moulder spindle and for curved moulding.

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