4.0 for everyone

Software tools for enormous productivity and high yield in modern woodworking.

 Everything from a single source


Machine and CNC application software in one piece


Create furniture and interior designs and visualise them in 3D


Increase productivity with nesting technology


Perfection in 3D free-forms, stair and staircase construction


Flexibility in window construction


Digitisation in the workshop with barcode, labels and guided cutting

4.0 for everyone with F4Solutions

Whether you are a traditional craftsman shop with standard machines or a high-tech business with CNC - F4Solutions is always the right choice! Completely independent of the existing machine equipment.

F4Solutions is not an isolated solution, it integrates seamlessly into the existing production and links all work steps into an intelligent and consistent process.

No matter what your business looks like in two, five or fifteen years, F4Solutions is always available adaptable when purchasing machines or plant expansions up to Industry 4.0.

No investments in cross-linked new machines and high-tech units, no expensive hardware purchases - F4Solutions makes cross-linked production with Industry 4.0 standards affordable also for the workshop with standard machines.

Easiest design of individual pieces of furniture with F4Solutions in the familiar CAD environment, photorealistic renderings of sales supporting 3D visualisations and detailed data transfer for production - that's 4.0 for trade and industry.

F4Solutions brings all the data to the machines and leads through the assembly with detailed drawings and 3D data. No more enquiries, no additional steps, no mountains of paperwork.


Tremendous productivity in modern woodworking

For everyone

F4Solutions accompanies and optimises the entire production process independent of the existing machine equipment.


The solution that grows with you! Adaptable at any time for plant expansion or when purchasing new machines.

For everybody

Quick to learn, intuitive to use! New employee? Part-time employee? Support on a project basis? No matter - everyone is immediately productive with F4Solutions.


The core of F4Solutions


» Input Workpiece.
» Machine Operation.
» 3D Tool Management.

The complete software solution for continuous CNC machining.
F4Operate Simulation Maschine (1).png

F4Solutions is the complete software solution for the entire production process, for every craft business, for all machines, forever.


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