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From the consultation to implementation to follow-up support. We offer customised project solutions that match your circumstances, requirements and wishes. Our competent sales advisors are your key point of contact for system design, process optimisation and automation solutions.


CNC Machining Centres
Regardless of whether it’s regular, standard products or unique, individually tailored items, with the Format4 CNC machining centres, your manufacturing processes will reach peak efficiency. Increase your profits with the high-yield Format4 CNC wood processing technology.

CNC Machining Centre

profit H80I

  • Intelligent vacuum management system "SMART ZONING" for all machine sizes
  • Unlimited and interpolating C axis
  • Use of aggregate with compressed air interface for limitless use of the machine
  • Numerous automation options for loading, aligning, unloading and labelling
  • Optimisation options for perfect extraction results: Central suction hood, height-adjustable suction hood, under and above table extraction as well as a special compact surface extraction hood
  • F4®Solutionsready
CNC machining centre profit H80 frontal view Format4 Felder Group woodworking

Robotics As individual as your needs

robot motion can be adapted individually to complex work processes using a modular design. Flexible use of individual components conforms to your needs and is also sure to win you over with its increased process safety.

Material handling U-motion F4 classic

Simple operation by one person, even for your plant: the adjustable feed speed of the conveyor belt, which protects the material, ensures a constant flow of material and minimal workpiece spacing.

Materialhandling L-motion

The Format4 L-motion loading unit allows it to be operated by just one person. With cycle times of 15 seconds, the material flow in a linear system can be optimised and the full efficiency of the production capacity used to maximum advantage.

profit H350

ATOMIC makes you a better skier – the way a ski acts on snow depends primarily on its wooden core. Smoothness, stability, absorption and agility are affected by the use of different types of wood and the quality of manufacture. That’s why ATOMIC’s production plant in the town of Altenmarkt, one of the largest ski manufacturers in the world, relies on the ultimate precision and efficiency of seven high-tech Format4 CNC machining centres.
robotmotion Format4 Felder Group woodworking
consultation Format4 Felder Group woodworking

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