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The matrix table made from phenolic resin offers not just process secure working of the materials, but also an optimal vacuum distribution for the fixing of workpieces. The maximum useable area is X=3720mm up to 5720mm, Y=1560mm, Z=325mm.
The machine is equipped with a full aluminium table with T groove as standard.
The changing colours of the innovative lighting system display the various machine statuses.


Modern CNC woodworking with individual flexibility as efficient and simple as possible - the new CNC processing centre profit H500 MT puts industrial use in the centre point of an innovative operating concept.

34 tool positions included in the standard equipment offer a wide range of processing options. The large dimensioned matrix table made from phenolic resin guarantees secure processing of workpieces of any material and size due to optimal vacuum distribution.

The machine is equipped with an aluminium table as standard, which allows individual mechanical clamping systems allowing any type of workpiece or template to be fixed to the machine.

The in-house developed software with clear menu guidance and intuitive operating concept makes programming simple.

  • Attractive basic equipment with 34 tool positions, 24 spindles & 5 axis head
  • Phenolic resin table with optimum vacuum distribution for limitless workpiece variation
  • Machine & software from a single supplier – perfectly suited, intuitive operation

... FORMAT-4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Tailor made financing solutions
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Compliance with CE regulations
  • Automation solutions
  • Networked workshop
  • Software and machines from a single supplier

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