Hammer woodworking project "top bar hive"

Nature has always provided us with the exceptional material wood. In our latest Hammer DIY video project we want to give nature something back and build a top bar hive. See how easy woodworking can be on our most affordable Hammer machines. Happy woodworking!

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Have fun with building the top bar hive! We are happy to receive YOUR personal impresssions and pictures of your woodworking project which you can send to: referenz@hammer.at

Carpenter Helli recommends the following machines for this project:

K3 winner
  • Cutting length: 1300–2050 mm
  • Sliding table with torsion resistant 4 chamber profile
  • Rip capacity: 800 mm
  • Cutting height: 103 mm
  • Cutting height: 310 mm
  • Rip capacity: 360 mm
  • Fly wheel dia.: 380 mm
  • Table size: 400 x 510 mm
  • Optional: X-Life® Ceramic bandsaw blade guide
  • Cutting speed: 1200 m/min

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