The most important highlights at a glance

FELDER FW 950 classic - Wide Belt Sander
Maximum ease of use, innovative technology
Continuous feed belt for maximum durability
Optionally the feed speed can be variably adjusted and set between 3.7-16m/min.
Space saving design, floor area requirement of only 1.6 m² (FW 950 classic)
Combination aggregate with sanding pad – The aggregate is a combination of the rubber contact rollers and a sanding pad.

Classic surface finishing as the focus!

The furniture industry with modernised production techniques has set a standard that is almost unachievable for small joinery and carpentery shops. In order for smaller shops to remain competitive they must ensure that every workpiece is processed perfectly at every step of production. The FELDER FW 950 classic wide belt sander makes it affordable to take that next step into professional woodworking and it is this high quality standard configuration that particularly impresses.


  • Powerful combination aggregate with electro-pneumatic sanding shoe
  • Productive control panel control, precise grain equalisation
  • FELDER operating comfort: electrical height adjustment with digital display
  • Excellent results on veneered workpieces
  • Automatic inverter control of the feed speed
  • Feeding belt control, hand safety stop and stop to ensure that oversized pieces cannot be fed through, ensuring optimum operating safety
  • Vibration-free power transmission from the 10 hp sanding belt motor

... Your decision for Felder, a risk-free decision

  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience – already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support
  • CE + GS dust certified

Details & Accessories

Adjustment of the aggregates
Sanding pad
Belt guidance
In and out- feed roller table (Option)
Feed speed
Perfect sanding results
Quickly, easily and conveniently!

Equipment & Specifications

Electrical setup
3x 400 V
Standard equipment
50 Hz
Standard equipment
10.0 HP (7.5 kW) sanding motor for sanding module
Standard equipment
Softstart for 7.5kW motor
Standard equipment
Ampage meter for monitoring the electrical load on the units
Standard equipment
Automatic sanding-belt brake
Standard equipment
Sanding unit and sanding cushion
Combination unit CU (contact roller and sanding cushion), hardness of the contact roller C 85° Shore, Digital grain compensation can be chosen from the control panel
Standard equipment
Electro-pneumatic sanding cushion EP
Standard equipment
Sanding width 950 mm
Standard equipment
Sanding height 3–170 mm
Standard equipment
Sanding belt is oscillated electro-pneumatically
Standard equipment
Electronic run-off protection for the sanding belt
Standard equipment
Pneumatic tensioning of the sanding belt
Standard equipment
Sanding belt 970 x 1700 mm (width x length)
Standard equipment
Feeder table
Electronic height adjustment of the feed table in 0.1 mm incremental steps from the control panel
Standard equipment
Digital display shows the height of the feeder table
Standard equipment
Inverter controlled variable feed speed of 2.5-10 m/min, selected from the control panel
Standard equipment
Mechanical vibration-absorbing rubber pressure rolls
Standard equipment
Hand guard and over-thicknessing protection for the workpiece
Standard equipment
Preparation for min. transport width 800 mm
Machine packing dimensions in mm (length x width)
1400 x 1350 x 1900
Extraction connector Ø in mm
1x 120
Weight kg (with standard configuration)
Important Accessories
Double-sided roller table extension 200 mm
Preparation for Container Transport

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