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C-Tech kappa V 60 - c-tech Vertical panel saw
Moveable aluminium sliding carriages
Saw unit guided on steel rails
Integrated, particularly high-performance TRK dust extraction
Wegschwenkbare ­Mittelauflage

Vertical panel saw kappa V60 – Powerful, accurate and space saving

If space is at an absolute premium, the kappa V60 is the right choice for panel sizing. With the customary high workmanship and Format4 precision, the V60 has a lot to offer at the lowest imaginable price.

The new Format4 vertical panel saw will increase your productivity. Its robust and compact body frame guarantees high precision and efficiency with a very small workshop footprint. The solid, single piece frame construction and a saw carriage running on steel rails guarantees a cut accuracy to one tenth of a millimetre. The handling and operation of the machine are facilitated with the help of a wide range of accessories, already included as part of the machine‘s standard equipment!


Details & Accessories

Saw unit
Centre support
Small part support
Additional fence
TRC dust extraction
Moveable rear wall

Equipment & Specifications

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