Hammer woodworking machinery – top quality from Austria

The success story started back in 1995, when the idea was first considered to develop and produce a range of machinery that was high in quality, yet low in price and most importantly made in Austria.

In 1997 the Hammer brand was launched

Under this new Felder Group brand, the C331 full combination machine, the A331 planer thicknesser, the B3 saw spindle combination, the K3 panel saw, the F3 spindle moulder and the D3 horizontal mortiser were presented at the Innsbruck autumn exhibition, making their entrance on to the Austrian market.

The machine program continued to grow

In 1999 a mixture of the international success of the Hammer range and an increase in demand from customers for larger machines that could be used in business lead to an expansion of the products on offer. In less than 2 years the following machines were added to the program, the panel saw K3 L, the saw spindle B3 L, as well as the C341 and C341 L with 41 cm of planing width and the planer thicknesser A341. Over the next few years, 2001 to 2004 the constant development and expansion of the Hammer accesory and tooling program helped the brand to achieve success in many markets across the world. In January 2005 a new generation of Hammer machines were launched from the head office in Hall in Tirol. With new designs, a new colour scheme of red and grey and a strong focus on the requirements of the Hammer customer, the new range caused a sensation. With the choice of "basic", "winner" and "perform", both hobby woodworkers and businesses can find the right machine for them.