Plokštės supjovimo staklės

Formatinis pjaustymas, Vertikaal kappa V60 classic

Scope of application

Powerful, accurate and space saving

The vertical panel saw from Format4 ensures a large increase in your productivity. A robust and compact design guarantees highest precision and efficiency with minimum space requirements. The solid, single piece frame construction and a saw carriage running on steel rails guarantees a cut accuracy to one tenth of a millimetre. The handling and operation of the machine are facilitated with the help of a wide range of accessories, already included as part of the machine‘s standard equipment.
The new kappa V60 classic series offers the highest performance at an attractive entry-level price with three models:

  • kappa V60 16.25 classic
  • kappa V60 19.32 classic
  • kappa V60 22.42 classic

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4-Aukščiausios kokybės staklės, atitinkančios aukščiausius reikalavimus

  • Didelis našumas nepertraukiamai pramonės gamybai
  • Klientui pritaikyti optimizuoti gamybos sprendimai
  • Solidus dizainas su aukščiausios kokybės komponentais
  • Daugybė specifikacijų paketų su aukštųjų technologijų sprendimais
  • Visiškas inžinerijos tikslumas
  • Aukščiausias naudotojo komfortas
  • Apdovanotas dizainas
  • Kokybė ir tikslumas iš Austrijos
  • Nepriekaištingas produktyvumas
  • Puikus paslaugų paketas prieš pirkimą, jo metu ir po jo
  • Automatikos sprendimai
  • Programinė įranga ir staklės iš vieno tiekėjo
  • Individualūs staklių sprendimai


The saw unit is guided on steel rails and as a result, executes cuts accurate to one tenth of a millimetre. A high-torque motor 4 kW, a saw blade diameter of 250 mm (optionally with a scoring unit) provides a 60 mm depth of cut.
Adjustable aluminium carriages: fast and easily positionable.
An additional stop is included as part of the standard equipment to help cut narrow strips to length.
Integrated powerful TRC dust extraction. Dust emissions considerably below 1 mg/m³
The easy to swing away centre support covers the full machine length and can be split for small workpieces.
The scoring unit with two guided carbide cutters guarantees tear-free cuts in laminated materials without limiting the cutting height.

Klientų aptarnavimas ir priežiūra

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