Briaunų klijavimo staklės

Briaunų klijavimo staklės G 500

Scope of application

Your productivity as the focus

The entry level machine for professional edge processing combines top class performance and quality with a minimum space requirement and maximum price performance ratio.

Exact workpiece feed speed, centralised control panel with LCD display and high quality aggregates guarantee maximum productivity and perfect results.

FELDER. Quality and precision in a nutshell

Since 1956, a guarantee for perfect results with excellent ease of use and reliability in regular professional use. Woodworkers are always enthusiastic about the individual and solid solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

The most important highlights at a glance


... Jūsų sprendimas dėl Felder, nerizikingas sprendimas


Tinkamos staklės kiekvienam biudžetui
Visiškas patikimumas profesionaliam naudojimui
Individualūs staklių sprendimai
Aukštos kokybės ketaus staklių stalas ir ir agregatai
Naujoviški detalių sprendimai, gauti iš 60 metų patirties - jau įtraukti į standartinę konfigūraciją
Pirmos klasės gamybos ir apdailos standartai
Intuityvios taikymo koncepcijos
Modernus, išskirtinio dizaino
Kokybė ir tikslumas iš Austrijos
Galingas ir efektyvus
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  • Glue temperature settings
  • Automatic glue temperature decrease
  • Units can be selected and disengaged
  • Odometer for total metres of material used
  • Display of the maintenance intervals
  • Plain text error messages
Quick and accurate adjustment of the panel thickness.
The Teflon coated glue pot has a capacity of 2 kg PVA hot melt adhesive granulate (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers). The machine is ready to operate after only 12 minutes.The fine adjustable glue roller ensures that the correct amount of hot glue is applied to the differing types of edging material. PUR (Polyurethane resin) hot melt adhesive granulate may be used in accordance with the glue manufacturer‘s processing guidelines.
Pre-cutting of ABS and PVC edge material up to a thickness of 3 mm.
The pressure rollers consists of a large cylindrical roller and two additional pressure rollers as standard. These 2 secondary pressure rollers are conical and thereby apply increased pressure on both the upper and lower surface of the edging material. The whole unit is mechanicall. This spring loaded system ensure a perfect bond between edging material and the workpiece
The highly precise linear guides ensure that the twin saw blade cutting unit executes perfect cuts. The end cutting saw blades traverse at 45°, ensuring that the cut is tear free. It is possible to set a 20° bevel cut to trim thin edges.
It is quick and easy to switch between flush trimming, radius trimming and bevelled cuts for thin edges. The newly developed setup system ensures balanced edge tolerances and prevents setup mistakes. Two independent high-frequency motors with special spindles ensure perfect milling results of any edging material. The machine is equipped with 2 mm radius knifes as standard. The machine can be equipped with 3 mm radius upon request.
Fine tunes the edge radius and removes excess glue.
The manually adjustable glue scraper ensures a perfect finish on the workpiece by removing any remaining glue residue.
Super finish for ABS- and PVC material. Optional installation of polishing solution spray applicator for the polishing heads.

Customer service & maintenance

Specially trained service personnel are always available to provide specialised on-site service for you. If the matter is urgent you can call our hotline centre for straightforward immediate help.  Contact our consultants or report your request conveniently online around the clock.

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