We let our customers speak

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on woodworking machines from Felder and consequently become ambassadors for perfect woodworking. For us, the success stories of our customers represent recognition and motivation as well as the signature of our company. We are proud that with our machines all over the world, countless unique goals are achieved and success stories written every day. Tell us about your projects, we are looking forward to every single one.

Robert Charles

„Su savo „Format4“ man nereikia daugiau galvoti apie kokybę. Aš žinau, kad kiekvieną kartą bus puiku!“

Christophe Ettwiller

„Langų gamyba yra tokia paprasta ir naši, kaip niekada anksčiau! Dėl šių staklių mano įmonė vis didėja.“

Do you also work with a HAMMER?

Atsiųskit mums savo staklių nuotrauką ir trumpą komentarą adresu [email protected] ir tapkite puikaus darbo su Hammer fanu!

Schreinerei Weber

"Format4 machines are unbeatable when it comes to the price/performance ratio in comparison with other manufacturers. With Format4 I have found myself a...

Schreinerei andersartig. Hornburg & Thumann

"FORMAT4 convinced us with solid machines, full of sophisticated technology and have proven themselves in the past couple of years as a first class partner...

Jürgen Rettenböck – Baierl & Demmelhuber Innenausbau GmbH

"I really like working with the plan 51. It is easy to use, robust and does exactly what I want. We simply always rely on our Format4 machines."