We let our customers speak

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on woodworking machines from Felder and consequently become ambassadors for perfect woodworking. For us, the success stories of our customers represent recognition and motivation as well as the signature of our company. We are proud that with our machines all over the world, countless unique goals are achieved and success stories written every day. Tell us about your projects, we are looking forward to every single one.

Cbros Services

"Before we upgraded our workshop with the H50, we were not sure if we would be able to meet certain projects in their entirety; but now we can do anything and...

Andy – AA Joinery

"We have a very good balance between our H10 and H22 and sometimes one person can run both machines if the job is right. The whole workshop runs faster, we can...

Hartmut, Bram & Tim Lens, The Green Gold

„Dėl didelio staklių našumo mes galėjimo pasiūlyti mūsų įmonei ir klientams pačią geriausią kokybę.“

Roord Binnenbouw bv

„Format4“ pasiūlė mums geriausią kainos ir kokybės santykį, todėl mums buvo lengva nuspręsti.“

Tom Cannon

„Frezavimo staklės yra fantastiškos, aš pasitikiu staklių patikimumu, todėl galiu visiškai koncentruotis į darbą.“

Lee Parrott, Reddish Joinery

„Mūsų „Format4“ CNC apdirbimo centro tikslumas yra fenomenalus, dabar mes pasiekiame didžiausią našumą.“