Service & maintenance

With your new Hammer machine you can also choose from a range of services that are available. Factory-trained service mechanics can install your machine in your workshop as well as adjust it to your tools. They can instruct you in how to get the most out of your machine and make a final inspection by doing some sample work. This is the high level of service we provide and a perfect start for you and your Hammer.

A well greased machine is not maintenance!
When was your "Hammer" last serviced? Let our trained technicians help protect your machine from future wear with a service check. In addition to making checks of the components prone to wear, our technicians will also readjust any of the factory set adjustments such as the fence and 90 degree stops. All of the maintenance can be carried out at your workshop, simply give us a call for a quote.

Spare parts
Hammer keeps spare parts for many models way beyond the period stipulated by law. This is your guarantee that with your "Hammer" you will lose as little time as possible. It goes without saying that our factory-based service team as well as our local sales representatives are available at any time.