Machine building and metal working have a long standing tradition in the Felder family

In 1955 Johann Felder founded the company. His workshop was located in his parents' home at Krüseweg 10 in Absam, Tyrol. In 1956 Johann Felder was already presenting his woodworking machines at trade fairs in Vienna and Innsbruck.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the post-war era, production expanded continuously. In 1961, the company moved from its "birth place" at Krüseweg to Salzbergstrasse 26.

By 1963 the first machine series, the BU 4, was going strong. With the BU 5, BU 6, BU 7, and BU 8 series, Johann Felder succeeded in developing his machines further as well as in expanding production and sales constantly. Internationally recognised patents guaranteed the technical edge of Felder woodworking machines on international markets.

In 1981, the company moved to Hall in Tirol.

The company's steady growth meant it eventually had outgrown Absam. That's why Felder moved from its founding town of Absam to Hall in Tirol, where the company is still situated today. In 1984, a new era began. The BF 3 and BF 4 machine series were an instant hit.

Felder has expanded and invested heavily in its factory in Hall in Tirol. In 1990, the company presented the first combined machine with a Format sliding table which further consolidated Felder's leading position in the combination machine market. At the same time, the company presented the first professional stand-alone machines to the professional world.

In 1994, the K6 Format buzz saw marked the break-through in the world market for professional stand-alone machines. Felder advanced from being a combination machine specialist to a full-range supplier of standard woodworking machines for home use and professional applications.

The development and manufacturing of inexpensive woodworking machines under the Felder brand "Hammer" enabled Felder to successfully compete with cheap products from the Far East by 1997. The great international success of both brands, Felder and Hammer, resulted in the further expansion of production and assembly facilities in Hall in Tirol.

In the wake of the internationally successful manufacture and sales of professional stand-alone machines, demand for heavy woodworking machines increased. In 2001 Felder presented a new professional machine series for the trade sector, commerce and industry under the Felder premium brand Format4.

Felder has now become a full-range supplier.

In keeping with our motto "The complete provider", the Format4 range has been expanded to include CNC processing centers. In 2005 edgebanders were included in the Felder and Format-4 programme. In 2007 the Format4 range of products saw the arrival of beam saws and hot plate presses.

Today with its brands Felder, Format4 and Hammer, the family-owned company operates as the Felder Group on the world market. Since its founding, products made by Felder have been able to maintain their leading position thanks to many patents and innovative solutions. In addition to the company's global success, Felder has received awards such as the Bavarian State Prize in 1983 and 1991, the IF Design Award or the Adolf-Loos Prize among many others.