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World-Wide innovations

World-leading, cutting-edge technology from Tyrol. We provide our customers with future oriented solutions and inspire users all over the world
with more progress, more possibilities and more perfection. 

World innovation
make it with PCS

Preventive Contact System. The revolutionary innovation in safety equipment for sliding table panel saws.

World innovation
make it with glueBox

PUR-edge banding without a glue pot. Revolutionarily simple, clean and economically profitable. Insert the PUR glue roll - feed in the edge - glue - done!

World innovation
make it with lightPos

Uniquely simple - With almost 6,000 LEDs, lightPos indicates precisely to the millimeter the optimum vacuuming position and informs the operator about the machine status.

World innovation
make it with AR

A live experience! Innovative CNC machining: panel support, vaccum and workpiece positioning with augmented reality glasses.

New machines – New era

More than 100 machines for every aspects of woodworking, from the standard machine to the 5-axis CNC machining center. There are new products for plastics processing and breakthrough security solutions, productivity enhancing material handling storage technologies,
and advanced software solutions.

NEW to our edgebanders

PUR edgebanding without gluepot: tempora F600 60.06L glueBox
New look: G 380 | G 360 | G 330

NEW to our wide belt sanders

High performance, free configurable with our findustry-models

NEW to material handling

With the U-motion returnsystem everything revolves around the edge U-motion F4 classic

NEW to our spindle-moulders

The new spindle moulder with double tilt and maximum operating comfort: profil 92 M e-motion

NEW to c-tech

The specialist for processing plastics and composite materials
K 740 with c-tech option | FB 710 c-tech | D 963 c-tech

NEW to our CNC machining centers

profit H100: Nesting CNC machining center in 4 sizes: 16.38, 19.38, 22.32 und 22.43
profit H150: 5-axis Nesting CNC machining center

NEW to our beam saws

Powerful, precise & efficient in panel cutting with the new industry panel saws from Format-4.

NEW to our panel saws

The kappa 590 offers the double tilt, more cutting height and maximum comfort
The K 740 and K 540 S are equipped with an improved saw unit which enables a cutting height of 140 mm.

New details – simply convincing


This new solution allows you PUR-edgebanding without gluepot.


Bluetooth workpiece measurement for our tempora edgebanders.

changeable gluepot

Now the changeable gluepot is also available for our G 300 edgebanders to work even
more efficient.


The optical zero-joint with our advantEdge aggregate is now also available for our
tempora F800-series.

air cushion table

Easy and careful handling with the air cushion talbe for tempora F800 and
tempora F600 edgebanders.

Maintenance opening

For a quick access for maintenance work


With F4®Integrate, Format-4 presents an integrated software solution for CNC machining. F4®Integrate unites all the components required for the CNC machining process in an intuitive interface that is easy to understand despite complex functions.

Performance package

With the performance package, the CNC control makes the highest industry standard possible: shorter process times, different milling results and increased comfort.

NEW drilling head configurations

With the individual drilling head configuration you can decide which one is right for you.