Revolutionary simple vacuum pods positioning

With nearly 6000 LEDs, the CNC machining centre indicates precisely to the millimetre the optimum vacuuming position and informs the operator about the machine status.

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World innovation
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The world's only LED vacuum pods positioning for Format-4 CNC machining centres profit H200, H300 and H350, achieved by 500 individually controllable, white LEDs per metre, positioning precision down to the last millimetre.

Additional information such as vacuum type or clamping status of the machine, etc. are visualised by additional RGB colour LEDs installed at a distance of 20 millimetres.

All LEDs are mounted in a scaled aluminium profile. At the push of a button, the LEDs show exactly where and which vacuum pods have to be positioned due to the machining information stored in the machine software.

More precise, faster and clearer than conventional systems, all necessary clamping devices can now be positioned
on the work area.

Compatible with these machines:

profit H200
profit H300
profit H350