Nesting CNC machine Center profit H10

cnc machine centers profit h10 format4 panel
Scope of application
cnc machine centers profit h10 format4 panel

Panel cutting, drilling and milling in any desired form, all in just one work cycle!

 CNC Cutting

  • Load panel, start processing, the profit H10 works without an operator after loading. No additional manipulation necessary.
  • Freeform shaping will cut any possible shape
  • Minimum material waste thanks to CNC Nesting technology
  • High quality, precisely cut edges are ready for the edgebander without additional premilling.

CNC Drilling

  • Material does not need to be transported to CNC or drilling machine
  • Significant time savings thanks to a combination of CNC shaping and CNC drilling in just one work cycle
  • Workpieces are fitted with bore holes or rows of bore holes before or after the shaping cut
  • Processed items are immediately ready for processing in an edgebander

CNC Nesting (nesting)

  • Any desired shape can be used. Minumum waste thanks to nesting software
  • Significant time savings thanks to a combination of CNC shaping, CNC drilling and CNC nesting in just one working cycle
  • Workpieces are fitted with bore holes or rows of bore holes before or after the shaping cut
  • Processed items are immediately ready for processing in an edgebander or edge shaper

CNC Milling

  • Grid table can be fitted with vacuum pods; CNC milling operations can be carried out just as in standard CNC machines
  • Up to 36 tool slots available for CNC milling

» Automation solutions

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

CNC machining centre profit H10 Format4 Felder Group woodworking
  • Tailor made financing solutions
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Automation solutions
  • Networked workshop
  • Software and machines from a single supplier


  • Any required shape is possible.
  • Nesting software ensures minimum wastage
  • Significant time savings thanks to a combination of CNC cutting, CNC drilling and CNC nesting in just one working cycle.
It is your decision which Drill-head configuration is the right one for your specific needs. Selectively, only a vertical mortising spindle or a spindle with groove saw for vertical and horizontal processing. Inverter driven motor up to 7,500 rpm

With a motor power of 10, 12 or 15 kW (depending on the series) and up to 24,000 rpm, the milling motor is controlled using an inverter and is attached directly to the support module of the drilling head in the Z axis. Dual linear guides guarantee highly precise vertical guiding. The main motor is positioned using ground ball screws. The HSK F63 tool clamping is done automatically. The clamping of the tool is checked using sensors, which then confirm that it is safe to start the operation. The tool holder is cleaned pneumatically. The C-axis is available as the fourth axis and is interpolating (360°) with a compressed air interface for aggregates as standard. 

Parametrization of your tools made easy: any tool length is stored in the tool database accurately to one hundredth of a millimeter.
The distribution of the loading supports over the complete table assists particularly when it comes to handling of the spoil board. 
The linear tool changer ensures for a rapid tool change and ­minimizes the compressed air consumption. The use of devices that have larger tool diameters for increased performance, your profit H10. Up to 36 tool and unit stations are available for you.
The raster geometry of the matrix table makes handling using vacuum cups easier for you. A distributor can be switched additionally in order to establish a dual-circuit vacuum system.
The positioning laser can be activated from the hand-held terminal. 
As an option, the fences can be equipped to either the front left or right. This ensures maximum operating comfort and additional flexibility when processing workpieces. On automatic machines the continuous fences ensures a steady off load on to the conveyor belt. 
Your future field of application is not only limited to wood. Special equipment features also allow the processing of Alucobond.
Block extractor for edge milling on the bottom side of the tool. The horizontal drilling unit can be used without limit.
The C-axis enables highest flexibility and the optional use of units. Complete processing of doors in the shortest processing time are possible.
Special units can be used thanks to the large Z-hub. Any type of foam up to 80 mm can be processed in highest quality.
The interpolating rotary motion of the chipping deflector is controlled via the C-axes. Thus, the resulting chippings are guided in the direction of the extraction channel, especially with processing edges.
By using the 5-motionplus units, manual angle settings are a thing of the past. Tools, such as the Lamello spindle moulder tool can be used.
Using the template connections on the left or right sides of the matrix table, you can extend your application spectrum. The template connections ensure for a maximum vacuum performance, even with small contours.
Simplest 3-axis application with impressive results. There is no limit to your creativity.
Metric threads or fine threads. Simple programming - perfect results.
The integrated discharge time on the portal pushes the finished ­workpieces off after processing and cleans the table at the same time, remaining ­chippings are extracted via the lower band-saw extractor. During the discharge process, the first label is printed in order to assign the work-piece to be labeled in colour on the labeling screen. This process is repeated for each individual workpiece.
The height-adjustable pushing unit reduces set-up times, as there is no need to adapt the height of the unit to the different material thicknesses. 
With the automatic control of the extraction connection, the full extraction capacity is moved between the drilling head and main spindle, depending on what is being used at the time. Efficient extraction results guaranteed. With the pushing unit option a third position of the extraction connection can be controlled. This extracts the dust table from the table ensuring an optimised work process.  

Whether as a standalone machine or fully automated cell, the profit H80 offers different automation options for maximum efficiency and shortest cycle times.

» Automation solutions

The CNC machining centre can be extended to full automation with different loading and unloading solutions, thus achieving maximum productivity.

» Automation solutions

Format4 Beam Saw & CNC with barbaric Panel Storage System
FORMAT4® - profit H10
FORMAT4® - profit H10
FORMAT4 profit H10

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