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Sliding Table Panel Saw kappa 550

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sliding table saws kappa 550 format4 wood panel plastic

The top of the range sliding table saw model with new standards for productivity and efficiency.

The first choice for sliding table saws: Solid construction and elegant design - The Format4 kappa 550 sliding table saw is an absolute premium machine for perfect woodworking. Individual specifications, an amazing operating concept and numerous new impressive  Format4 features ensure maximum efficiency and a noticeable increase in productivity.

In the e-motion configuration, the Format4 kappa 550 impresses with its automatic rip fence, unlimited tool data storage and programmable cutting sequences.  On the clear TFT touchscreen, you can control all the stages of a process from one central position.

The  c-tech product line offers specially designed equipment options for processing plastics and composite materials.

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Tailor made financing solutions


The newly developed Format4 saw unit made from cast iron offers not only high performance and precision but also extreme smoothness and vibration absorption.

  • 3-axis “Control” scoring unit
  • Scoring unit park position
  • Change the saw blade without tools!
  • Large cutting depth, even with a scoring unit
  • Spraying equipment for the processing of non-ferrous metals and plastics
  • Saw unit with “Easy-Glide” tilt segment guiding system
  • Tilting of saw-blade 90°-45°
  • Oversized saw arbor with double bearing trunnions
  • Absolute vibration-free machining
  • Incredible power transmission due to the ultra efficient Poly-V-belt drive technology
  • High precision double-sided trunnion support system
  • High load-bearing capacity and operating life
  • Play-free tilt
  • Unaffected by dust
  • Completely maintenance free
  • No lubrication required
  • 6 year guarantee
With the new kappa 550 you can dramatically increase the cutting height of your panel saw. The kappa 550 gives you 202 mm at 90° and 141 mm at 46°. When you are looking at premium class panel saws, these are the figures you should be searching for!
  • Tilting of saw-blade 0°-46°
  • 202 mm of cutting depth at 90 degrees
  • 141 mm of cutting height at 45 degrees

Slot cutting is possible with Format4 panel saws. The use of adjustable dado tools, specifically developed by Format4, can be used thanks to the removable circular saw flange and the table insert.

The clamping system is maintenance free and offers premium comfort for many years: Change saw blades effortlessly in literally no time at all.
The scoring unit blade width and height adapt automatically to the stored tool information and also to the respective teeth width of the main saw blade. Any changes to these standard scoring settings can be saved and retrieved when using the same tool in the future.

Removing the scoring blade when using large diameter saw blades is no longer necessary! The new Format4 parks the scoring blade at the touch of a button, leaving enough space for a large diameter blade, and in doing so, saves valuable production time. Additionally the park position also protects the scoring blade from resin.

A red LED strip immediately signals the operation of the scoring unit and offers even more working safety. (Option)
Fast, uncomplicated and totally without tools: Changing the saw blade on the new Format-4 machine is incredibly simple simply incredible! The patented power transfer system ensures that the required pressure on the flange is applied. A clamping lever is used for the tool free clamping of the riving knife. Maximum operating safety and maximum productivity are guaranteed with Format-4.

An alternative to the worldwide unique Format4 saw blade quick change system "Easy-Lock" is now the "Quick-Lock" clamping system, which with the use of just one tool makes it quick and easy to change the saw blade.


The rip fence is positioned by a motor and runs via a dust-free integrated ball spindle in the saw table. The 1/10 mm precision, the high positioning speed, as well as the simultaneous positioning of the crosscut fence, saw blade height and saw blade angle ensure precision and save valuable working time.

  • Optional with the x-motion
  • Standard on the e-motion model
A masterpiece of ­engineering - The ultimate in precision and smoothness! This precision guiding system will carry maximum loads without compromising the smooth and accurate stroke of the sliding table. The “X”-configuration of the roller bearings optimally distributes workpiece weight to all sides. With a roller bearing system, the full width of the bearing is in contact with the guiding track. With no single point of contact between the bearing and the guiding track as found on conventional ball bearing systems, the roller bearing will never wear a groove into the guiding track. This ensures play-free guiding for the lifetime of the machine. The “X-Roll” system is backed with a 10-year factory guarantee.
As an option, it is also possible to equip the saw with the wireless push button control “ON” switch of the main blade and scoring blade to the sliding table, speeding up the work process further.
The tried and tested "X-Roll" sliding table with linear guide system is now equipped with a stainless steel latch plate which enables the sliding table to be locked in almost any position.

The 8x ball bearings, integrated guide rollers and bearings of the outrigger table ensure an incredibly smooth operation upon maximum loading capacity. The support rail is moved along an “X-Roll” guiding system and is fast and fine-adjustable. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree. The fence can be tilted to any position between -45° and +45° and guarantees precise mitre cuts.

The digital angle and length compensation module "digi-compensation plus" for X-roll or parallelogram outrigger tables compensate any changes in the length difference of the crosscut fence settings, as the angle is changed. The direct communication with the controls, also enables it to compensate the fence position of the crosscut stop to the width of the tooth and the tilt of the saw blade. This ensures that you always get an exact measurement without any recalibration when using different saw blades.
Infinite adjustment range –45 bis +45°. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree. Mitre length compensation is done via the vernier scale with the standard fence, with the CNC crosscut fence the length compensation is automatic.
No reading errors due to scales and vernier. No time-wasting with arduous approximations of angle values. The advantage of the Felder degree index is that the stop is set and fixed without losing time or making reading errors. Highly precise index positions allow for the accurate production of polygons, e.g. 5.625º (32 sided), 11.25º (16 sided), 22.5º (8 sided). In addition, index positions at 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º and 45º can be used when working in slide to cut or push to cut mode. Every index position is equipped with a length compensator. The highly precise Felder degree index system is adjusted at the factory. Every index position also has individual fine ­adjustment. This cost effective index system integrates well into the machine design and will increase your productivity.

On request, we will equip your Format4 with the digital telescopic fence. Below, you see the cleverly integrated electronic digital scale with values correct to 0.1 millimeter. Additional functions, for example the setting of successive measurements, make your daily working life easier.

The telescopic fence enables crosscuts of up to 3200 mm. Top class engineering and ease of use are features which are a part of the standard equipment. The scale and the magnifying glass on the stop ensure precise adjustments and settings from the operating area.
The crosscut fence on the outrigger is now even easier to tilt from zero to 45 degrees with the improved locking lever. The large dimensioned, ergonomic clamping lever can be used at every angle.

The outrigger table can be swung out of the way with ease! No more time consuming, complicated assembling and removing of the outrigger table. The outrigger table swing away system ensures extreme ease of use and at the same time can provide you with extra working space when you need it.


The FORMAT4 overhead saw guard is integrated nicely into the machine design. It is easy and convenient to use. With only a flick of the wrist the saw guard can be moved and tilted completely away from the machine area. The dust extraction hood adjusts itself automatically to the work piece height and always provides optimal working safety and dust extraction performance.

The maintenance free linear laser is mounted to the overhead saw guard and can be adjusted to any position. The easily visible cutting marker makes it easier to trim or cut along cracked wood.
If desired, the kappa 550 can be equipped with a remote lock release.
The newly developed overhead saw guard and dust removal system deliver perfect extraction results. The overhead saw guard, with its striking design, runs on linear guides that help to facilitate the height adjustment. The dust and shavings are sucked from the saw guard into the extraction pipe via a short hose. The dust extraction below the table encloses the complete saw unit. The dust channel is the perfect design to provide an optimum air flow and perfect main blade and scoring unit extraction results.
  • Easy clamping of workpieces with maximum flexibility, can be used on all panel saws and spindle moulders that have a sliding table
  • Easy set up due to magnetic fittings
  • Safety cylinder ensures maximum working safety
  • Pressure bar function is possible with every sliding table length
  • Locking height 95 mm
  • Clamping force approx. 300 kg
  • The tried and tested tool compartment positioned directly at the front of the machine has now been made even more practical with the addition of two magnets for the storage of the riving knife and the scoring blade. There will also be the possibility to attach the edging shoe directly to the machine for storage. So everything is always in its place!

    Your Format4 can be optionally ­fitted with a spraying unit. High performance lubricating oil can be sprayed directly onto the saw blade, transported via piping from the spraying unit.

    The new full surface and magnetic mounted supports on the outrigger table offer an increased support surface and guarantees a safe grip and a stable support for the processing of smaller workpieces.
    For crosscuts between +45° and –45°, the crosscut fence is set with a mitre scale, which is integrated into the sliding table. Quick attachment without tools is made possible by a T-slot and quick coupling on the side of the sliding table. The mitre scale and the magnifying glass on the fence stop, readable from the operating area, allow you to make precise adjustments.
    The ideal accessory for parallel cuts on the sliding table. Use your sliding table and the outrigger together with the rip fence to guarantee an exact workpiece positioning. The rip fence is clamped to the sliding table. The integrated scale from 25 to 1000 mm can be easily read through a lens.

    One of the valuable accessories in daily use on woodworking machines is the patented double mitre gauge from Format4. It enables double mitre cuts on workpieces of different widths at any angle. The input of the workpiece widths A, B and the input of the desired frame angle, is carried out on the integrated computer via the keypad. The resulting settings appear correct to within a tenth of a degree on the display. Just set the double mitre gauge at the calculated value and work away with a result of … pinpoint accuracy! The fence stop on the fence plates can be adjusted up to 1350 mm with the scale. Depending on the set angles, the length compensating vernier scale is available. This feature also enables you to set the exact workpiece length when making mitre cuts.

    At last: quick, comfortable and effortless, removal and installation of your outrigger table with the help of the transport and mounting unit. Another positive aspect: your outrigger can be conveniently stored away!
    The highly visible scale on the saw table enables accurate settings and the rip fence has a tilt and inversion function.
    The rip fence can be fitted with an electronic digital display. The perfect integration of the electronic unit allows you to turn the display around 90°, so the values can be clearly seen and read from the operating area. Additional functions such as the input of incremental measurements make your daily working life easier. Further highlights:
  • Brightly illuminated red LED display facilitates the reading of values
  • No batteries are required as it is directly connected to the machine’s power supply
  • Recognises automatically whether the fence is in the vertical or horizontal position
  • Measurement compensation of the saw blade tooth width
  • 1016-elektronischedigitalanzeige.png

    kappa 550

    Choose between two high ­performance scoring units: Classic, Automatic Both units combine reliable operating and drive technology for perfect scoring results. That’s guaranteed with a 120/125 mm diameter scoring blade and a speed of 8600 rpm.

    CNC control with LED display
  • Table scale as standard
  • Fine adjustment as standard
  • Optional electronic digital indicator for the standard rip fence
  • Optional position control, rip capacity reading from the electronic digital indicator The smooth movement of the rip fence, feels like it’s hovering over the cast iron table. The single-handed quick clamping and the fine adjustment ensure quick and accurate setting of the rip fence to your required settings! The aluminium rip fence plate can be adjusted to optimise the feeding of workpieces. When working with narrow and thin cuts of wood or with the sawblade tilted, it can be laid on its side and used in the flat position.
  • 8676-parallelanschlag.png

    kappa 550 e-motion

    CNC control with 10.4” (264 mm) TFT screen situated in the overhead-control panel

    All processing phases can be carried out quickly, efficiently and centrally as a result of the integration of the Format4 cutting optimisation system into the machine and operating concept. Training is not necessary as the user interface is intuitive, clear and easy to use.

    Not only does the label printer enable the workpieces to be labelled correctly, it also enables a logical post-processing. This makes it possible to load programs for subsequent processes on the CNC and edgebanders simply by using the bar code scanner. Save valuable production time with the label printer and increase productivity, quality and as a result, your profit.
    When processing work pieces after they have been cut using an edgebander or CNC machine, the labels with bar code will help to increase the efficiency of your production
    The e-motion models can be equipped with the CNC controlled crosscut fence. The controlled crosscut fence can be used on both sides of the outrigger and is equipped with two fence stops. The maximum adjustable length measures 3400 mm. The extendable component can be removed to save space. The length compensation takes place automatically depending on the set angle.
  • Electronic crosscut fence with 2 crosscut stops and extendable to a maximum of 3400 mm
  • Automatic angle/length compensation
  • 1033-gesteuerterablaengenanschlag.png

    kappa 550 x-motion

    CNC-drive control unit with 5.7” (145 mm) TFT screen situated in the overhead control panel


    kappa 550 e-motion
    • Your benefits0

    kappa 550 e-motion

    kappa 550 e-motion
    sliding table saws kappa 550 e-motion format4 wood panel plastic
    • Cutting length: 2200–3700 mm
    • “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee
    • Rip capacity: 1000–1600 mm
    • Cutting height: 202 mm
    • Control system: e-motion
    • ∞ program spaces + ARDIS cutting optimisation

    kappa 550 x-motion

    kappa 550 e-motion
    sliding table saws kappa 550 x-motion format4 wood panel plastic
    • Cutting length: 2200–3700 mm
    • “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee
    • Rip capacity: 1000–1600 mm
    • Cutting height: 202 mm
    • Control system: x-motion
    • 9x99 program spaces + cutting sequences

    kappa 550

    kappa 550 e-motion
    sliding table saws kappa 550 format4 wood panel plastic
    • Cutting length: 2200–3700 mm
    • “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee
    • Rip capacity: 1000–1600 mm
    • Cutting height: 202 mm
    • Control system: „Digi-Drive“

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