Vertical panel saw kappa V 60

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industry panel saws kappa v 60 format4 panel plastic
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industry panel saws kappa v 60 format4 panel plastic

Vertical panel saw kappa V – Powerful, accurate and space saving

A vertical beam saw is used when space is tight and limited. With the usual high processing quality and format4 precision, the reasonably priced kappa V80 offers a lot of machine and high productivity. 

The solid, single piece frame construction and a saw carriage running on steel rails guarantee a cut accuracy to one tenth of a millimetre. The handling and operation of the machine are facilitated with the help of a wide range of accessories, already included as part of the machine‘s standard equipment.

The easy to swing away centre support covers the full machine length and can be split for small workpieces.
As an option, aluminium supports can also be selected for middle and main supports. This edition is characterized by a long-lasting dimensional stability for highest demands. The optional Eco-System guarantees optimised extraction performance.

The c-tech product line offers specially designed equipment options for processing plastics and composite materials.

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

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kappa V 60

industry panel saws kappa v 60 format4 panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 3200 mm, 4200 mm, 5300 mm, 6080 mm
  • Saw ­blade ­diameter: 250 mm
  • Motor power: 5,5 HP (4,0 kW)

kappa V80

industry panel saws kappa v80 format4 panel plastic
  • Cutting length: 4200 mm, 5300 mm, 6080 mm
  • Saw ­blade ­diameter: 300 mm
  • Motor power: 7,5 HP (5,5 kW)

... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

vertical panel saw vertical kappa V series Format4 Felder Group woodworking
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Automation solutions
  • Software and machines from a single supplier
  • Tailor made financing solutions


After activation, the automatic infeed control positions the saw head at the start of the cut. The saw blade dips pneumatically into the panel and executes the feed in the horizontal or vertical plane at two speeds. Afterwards the saw blade emerges again and positions the saw beam back to the starting position. The support grid is pneumatically operated via a pressure cylinder.

The saw unit is guided on steel rails and as a result, executes cuts accurate to one tenth of a millimetre. A high-torque motor 4 kW, a saw blade diameter of 250 mm (optionally with a scoring unit) provides a 60 mm depth of cut.
Adjustable aluminium carriages: fast and easily positionable.
An additional stop is included as part of the standard equipment to help cut narrow strips to length.
When cutting horizontally the spacers move vertically to avoid being damaged by the saw blade.
The easy to swing away centre support covers the full machine length and can be split for small workpieces.

The digital fence for horizontal machining guarantees maximum cutting precision.


The digital fence for vertical machining guarantees maximum cutting precision.


kappa V 60

Integrated powerful TRC dust extraction. Dust emissions considerably below 1 mg/m³

kappa V80

The central support and the lower workpiece supports are made of high-strength aluminium.

The Eco-System consists of several additional dust extraction channels integrated vertically into the support, directly behind the vertical cutting positions of the saw blade. When positioning the saw beam, sensor-controlled pneumatic valves automatically open only the cutting channels required and thus ensure optimised dust extraction for vertical cuts.


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