20 years FORMAT4

Innovative spirit and uncompromising quality - the next chapter of the Format4 success story begins now.

Faster, more precise, more powerful and more profitable into the future

High-quality materials, state-of-the-art technologies and strict production standards ensure the best processing quality for every single machine that leaves the factory in Hall in Tyrol.

FORMAT4 celebrates the anniversary year 2020!

Over the course of the last 20 years, Format4 has become an integral part of the high-end machine market. The premium brand of the Felder Group, meets the highest requirements of professional users in workshops, large and small businesses and industry. True to the motto "Everything from a single source", Format4 offers computer-controlled high-tech machines in combination with intuitive software as a perfectly tuned complete package.



FORMAT4 world innovations

With constant advancement, numerous international patents and groundbreaking technical innovations, our in-house research team ensures that Format4 always stays one step ahead of the competition.


PCS® Preventive Contact System

The world's first and only contactless safety device for sliding table saws.


Revolutionary simple LED vacuum pods positioning for CNC machining centres.

F4®Vision Augmented Reality

Smart machine operation with augmented reality glasses.


The revolutionary glueBox makes PUR glue processing easier and more convenient than ever before.


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Mr. Suratman

"Thanks to my local dealer REM and the Technology from FORMAT4 I am able to double my production capacity while increasing the quality."

Quantum Leisure, https://www.quantumleisure.co.za/

"The unique possibilities offered by FELDER and the solid design of the machines are only two of the reasons why we..." Baca lebih lanjut

Le Bois a coeur

"If you want to produce a great product efficiently and with high quality, then a Format4 CNC machine is the best way..." Baca lebih lanjut

The Living Kitchen

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