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planer-thicknessers- planers-thicknessers ad 951 felder wood

The Felder AD 951 Planer-Thicknesser - Top class!

You are looking for a Planer-Thicknesser, that provides excellent planing results and offers incredible ease of use? Then the Felder AD 951 is the right machine for you. Solid ribbed jointer tables and 4 column planing table support ensuring 100% stability. The jointer table adjustment system, 120 mm cutterblock diameter and the tried and tested Felder system cutterblock guarantee a perfect planing finish. An intuitive design means that changing from jointing to planing is quick and easy putting the new AD 951 in a class of its own!

  • Intuitive, synchronized opening of the dual planing table
  • The optimised jointing fence design ensures the smallest possible space requirement
  • The new Felder jointer fence: Highest operational safety with the best operating comfort
  • The Felder system cutterblock has guaranteed perfect planing results for decades.
  • The innovative Silent-Power® spiral knife cutterblock cuts noise emission by half

FELDER. Quality and precision in a nutshell

Since 1956, a guarantee for perfect results with excellent ease of use and reliability in regular professional use. Woodworkers are always enthusiastic about the individual and solid solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

The most important highlights at a glance


... Your decision for Felder, a risk-free decision

Thicknesser AD 951 Felder Felder Group woodworking
  • The right machine for every budget
  • Complete reliability in professional use
  • Tailor made machine solutions
  • High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
  • Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience - already included in the standard configuration
  • First class manufacturing and finishing standards
  • Intuitive application concepts
  • Modern, distinct design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Complete package: Comprehensive service support


The solid cast iron cutterblock housing is built for heavy duty work. The serrated steel infeed roller and the micro-serrated steel outfeed roller guarantee a perfect transport of the workpiece through the machine. Both steel rollers are large dimensioned and non-wearing. The combination of cutterblock, transport feed rollers and type of wood are essential for perfect planing results.
The Felder system cutterblock has guaranteed perfect planing results for decades. Resin free locking screws and the self-setting knives make it possible to change the blade in less than 2 minutes. Time consuming adjustments and purchasing of expensive setting gauges are a thing of the past.

Simple blade settings, carried out incredibly quick - accurate to a tenth of a millimetre, standard with FELDER! Resin free locking screws and the self-setting knives make it possible to change the blade in less than 2 minutes. Time consuming adjustments and purchasing of expensive setting gauges are a thing of the past. The advantages at a glance ...

  • Quick and effortless knife change
  • Self-setting blades for high precision when changing the blades
  • No resin buildup on the clamping bolts.
  • Quiet operation thanks to enclosed design
  • Excellent durability of knife edges

Exclusive for planer/thicknessers from the Felder Group. The Silent-Power® spiral cutterblock reduces noise emissions by more than half when planing. The continuous pulling cut ensures tear-free results when planing all types of wood. With this revolutionary new development from Format4 you are obtaining all of the advantages of a spiral cutterblock at considerably lower operating, investment and adjustment costs. The advantages of the Silent-Power® cutterblock at a glance ...

  • Extremely quiet, noise is reduced by half
  • Usable blade life twenty times longer than standard blades
  • Four highly precise cutting edges on each knife
  • Optimised chip extraction and reduced chip volume
  • Tear-free planing results
  • Reduced power consumption when compared to similar systems

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A recommended option when planing with a small depth of cut, with very thin workpieces or workpieces with varying thicknesses.
The patented Felder planer table adjustment system, uses prism guidance for the highest level of adjustment precision. With the new ergonomically shaped depth of cut adjustment handle, you can adjust the depth of cut quickly and precisely. The depth of cut can be set to any depth up to 5 mm. Using the integrated magnifying glass you can view the set depth and achieve exactly the desired results.
The planer fence: A masterpiece of engineering providing stability, precision and performance! The fence can be tilted with end-stops at 90° to 45°. There is an end stop at both the 90° and 45° positions.
Maximum ease of use and operational safety The space saving planer guard is integrated into the machine chassis which stabilises the workpiece when planing and bevelling.
When processing thin or narrow workpieces the new tiltable auxiliary fence attached to the planer fence, guarantees a safe and comfortable planing option.
The tried and tested Felder design means that changing from planing to thicknessing is quick and easy. The intuitive table clamping system makes it possible to synchronously unlock and lift the planing tables with one hand movement.
With the amply dimensioned thicknessing height of up to 254 mm, even processing large solid wood trusses is simple and effort free.
4 trapezoidal spindles guarantee exact adjustment precision and ensure maximum thicknessing bed load. Longitudinal guides integrated into the side of the machine chassis absorb the pressure that is put on the outfeed side and ensure that the thicknessing table is guided with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre.
Regardless of the type of wood and grain, the variable feed speed of between 4-16m/min always guarantees a perfect thicknessing result.
The fully electrical “Power-Drive” thicknesser table control offers the most precise adjustment and repeat accuracy. With a twist of the knob, you can quickly adjust the thicknessing height, then fine-adjust using the button. An integrated LED-display displays the actual value.
The programmable “Digi-Drive” thicknessing table control makes it possible to enter the thicknessing height using the numeric keypad and the thicknessing bed positions itself automatically and precisely. Two intregrated LED displays show the current target and actual values. To optimise production you can save incremental measurements and individual thicknessing table positions.
The aerodynamically optimised construction of the dust extraction hood with its ample chip space guarantees an ideal chip extraction and clean working surface.
2 spring-loaded pressure bars prevent “fluttering” of very thin workpieces whilst thicknessing.
A power feeder increases the safety and comfort when planing without reducing the planing width. The constant, steady pressure ensures an absolute symmetrical planing finish.
Using the tried and tested FELDER table extensions it is quick and easy to extend your thicknessing table by up to 1000 mm without the use of tools.
With the proven Felder table extension systems, you can extend your planer table quickly and without tools.
FELDER Planer Thicknesser Range

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