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cnc machining centres profit h500r format4 wood panel
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profit H500R
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cnc machining centres profit h500r format4 wood panel

One machine, five axes, limitless creativity

It is universal workshops in particular, where the individual processing of various materials is becoming increasingly important. The most up-to-date 5 axes CNC technology guarantees limitless creativity, and at the same time reduces the initial investment cost and subsequent costs for special aggregates and tools. Individual tooling configuration and fully automatic production at a manageable investment level – the Format4 profit H500R makes the future of component manufacturing profitable. The high performance main spindle guarantees excellent results at every angle regardless of the material. In conjunction with the 18 independent drilling spindles and integrated grooving saw aggregate, the profit H500R offers limitless processing possibilities and ensures shortest possible production cycles. 

In the new, completely reengineered design, the CNC machining centres from Format4 display dynamics, power and high end technology from the first glance.

  • Hose-free Format4 dual circuit system with vacuum pod height of 100 mm
  • 2 CNC controlled Z-axes for the shortest of production cycles
  • s-motion: Automatic console and vacuum pod positioning

FORMAT4. Uncompromising expertise for the highest of requirements

The Felder Group premium brand has met the highest standards of professional users since 2001. The customised high-performance solutions are uncompromisingly innovative, offer maximum operating comfort and complete productivity.

The most important highlights at a glance


... FORMAT4 Premium machines for premium requirements

  • Tailor made financing solutions
  • Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
  • Customer specific optimised production solutions
  • Solid design with premium components
  • Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
  • Complete engineering precision
  • Premium user comfort
  • Award winning design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Uncompromised productivity
  • Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
  • Automation solutions
  • Networked workshop
  • Software and machines from a single supplier


Vacuum pods and consoles are positioned visually, quickly and precisely with lightPos.

More than 6000 LEDs indicate the suction cup size, position, orientation as well as the console positions down to the millimetre. Thanks to a sophisticated colour management system, each vacuum type and its orientation is displayed in well-defined colours. RGB LEDs on the X-axis give information about the processing status. LEDs along the X- and Y-axis visualise the position and the dimension of the workpiece.

 With lightPos, workpiece positioning during alternating operation is carried out without expensive set-up times. That is comfort at its best. Find out more about lightPos here.

For this purpose, the H200 series is equipped with rear and centre fence rows. On the H300, H350 & H500 series, a front stop row is also available as an option. The solid cylinder stops allow flexible component referencing of small, medium and large workpieces on the work area.


For quick access to change the drill or maintenance work, the hood can be easily opened on all CNC machining centres.


For the highest demands, all inclusive - tool library, programming section and an operator control panel on the machine with a consistent and intuitive user interface. F4®Integrate is a software developed by  Format4® Developed from practical experience for practical use in cooperation with our CNC customers, F4®Integrate meets the highest demands in modern CNC machining.

Enjoy the comfort of a state-of-the-art and well-coordinated user interface. Tool library (F4Toolbox), programming section (CAM area with integrated CAD area, F4Create) and machine operation control (F4Operate) all packed into just one single screen, with a consistent and intuitive user interface.

F4Integrate is based on G-Code, so external industry programs can be easily connected and the transfer of programs smoothly organised.


The advanced and intuitive touch-screen control concept guarantees maximum user friendliness. The clearly structured and self-explanatory user interface allows you to operate the machine with ease and ensures maximum productivity. The machine controls are clearly displayed graphically and various programmes, set-points and commands can be executed quickly, easily and accurately at the touch of a button.


The automatic length measuring unit determines the tool length with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre directly within the machine. This eliminates measuring errors by the machine operator.

The powerful 5 axes spindle with 12 or optionally 15 kW motor guarantees excellent results whilst milling, drilling and sawing at any angle. The special liquid cooling and high quality ceramic bearings ensure durable precision and incredible smoothness regardless of the material. An inverter regulates the speed and can be set at any speed up to 24.000 rpm.
The drilling head with 18 drilling spindles
  • 12 vertical drilling spindles, 32 mm distance between spindles: each can be used individually
  • 6 horizontal drilling spindles, spaced at 32 mm: 4 in the X and 2 in the Y axis, each can be used individually
  • Integrated slot cutter in the X-axis
  • Inverter controlled motor up to 7,500 rpm
  • Highlight: The complete working field can be covered by the drilling head for vertical and horizontal drilling.
  • The aggregate carrier with 2 Z-axes enables the quick, alternating use of the boring unit and the main spindle. The distance in which the Z-axes can move is 500 mm; this allows the use of longer tools even when processing thicker workpieces.

    X-axis guiding system:
    Positioning is carried out by recirculating ball bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The X-axis is positioned via a cambered rack and pinion gear.

    Y- and Z-axis guinding system:
    Positioning is carried out by recirculating ball bearings running along hardened and polished linear guides. The Y- and Z-axis is positioned by a polished recirculating ball spindle.


    The rotary tool changer with 24 tool positions is mounted at the back of the outrigger and moves with the outrigger along the X axis. The 24 position rotating tool changer, keeps tooling changing times to the bare minimum. This makes the Format4 even more productive!


    The 12 position linear tool changer ensures shortest changeover times and offers adequate space for routing tools. The cover optimally protects the high-precision HSK tool adaptors from dust and chips.

    The high quality cog and rail drive of the X-axis with angled and cambered teeth guarantee high precision at maximum speed. The speed reduction gears guarantee a high level of repeatability. Sealed bearings: durable and highly precise recirculating ball bushings run on hardened and ground linear guides.
    All of the moveable axes are continuously automatically lubricated ensuring low-maintenance, reliability and constant operational readiness. The lubrication is time controlled and pneumatically engaged onto the lubricating points of the X-, Y- and Z- axes guides. The lubricating cycle is set by the controls of the axes.
    The profit H500 ensures a clean workshop without time consuming machine cleaning with the chip transporter positioned in the operating area. The removal can be manually controlled and is situated on the left hand side of the machine.
    The permanent availability of modern production machines is an important influencing factor for the productivity and profit of your company. Continuous, preventative maintenance ensures that your machine is always ready to be used and guarantees constant precision. With our customised maintenance packages, you profit from a long term, continuous high quality of the end product. Additional to a complete machine maintenance check, all of the electrical, pneumatical and mechanical components as well as all of the safety features will be tested. You profit then from a free Hotline Service and will receive special conditions on software, training and spare parts. Get your customised maintenance offer now and guarantee perfect results for years to come.

    A variety of vacuum pod shapes guarantee the secure positioning of any kind of workpiece shape. In addition, the number of vacuum suction pads and clamping devices can be used flexibly on the entire console without restriction.


    In the standard configuration, the workpiece, the workpiece supports and the vacuum suction pads are displayed simultaneously on the CNC board. This guarantees, that the workpiece is securely positioned and that there can be no collision between the tool and vacuum pod. The exact position of the vacuum pods on the consoles is shown accurately using a laser.

    The lightPos system is available as an extension to our standard positioning aid.

    A chip deflector mounted to the spindle controlled by the C-axis enables the unlimited use of existing tools. When machining the edge of a workpiece, dust and chips are directed into the extraction port.
    The extraction hood positions itself fully automatically to the workpiece height which significantly reduces the dust and noise emissions.
    profit H500 16.38 X= 3740 mm Y= 1505 mm Z= 350 mm (Passage height from console height) profit H500 16.56 X= 5540 mm Y= 1505 mm Z= 350 mm (Passage height from console height)
    The changing colours of the innovative lighting system display the various machine statuses. This makes it possible to keep up-to-date on the current status of your profit CNC Machining Centre.
    The 3D simulator enables accurate machining times to be calculated and an exact representation of travel distances, feed rate speeds, overtravel heights and optional equipment such as the 5-motion unit, chip deflectors, rotary tool changer and drilling head. The collision check tests whether any collisions could happen and guarantees the working safety on the machine. Through the allocation of the tool DXF profile, the contour of your router can be shown on the workpiece. Even when calibrating new tools, the DXF profile can be used which helps to reduce the amount of material use.
    The fully automatic “s-motion” consoles enable you to completely process door and window components extremely quickly and with first class quality.

    Customised as required, the working area can be equipped with 6 or 8 consoles. Choose between 2 tried and tested console systems with different levels of automisation, ensuring that you have the perfect setup for differing workpiece sizes and designs.

    Additional to the workpiece cylinder stops; separate stops are available to assist in the processing of veneered surfaces with an overhang of veneer or laminate.

    In order to be able to offer our customers different advantages (user-friendliness, productivity, space requirement, ...), the machine is available with several safety concepts:

    • Light barrier
    • Foot mat
    • Bumper
    • Combination of bumper and light barrier

    At the front of the machine, a foot switch bar is integrated in the pedestal along the entire length of the working area. This eliminates the need to search for or move the foot pedal during workpiece positioning. The simple construction blends into the coherent design of the machine.


    Regardless whether the machine will only be used for cabinet manufacturing or as an all-rounder, you can decide which drilling head configuration is the right one for you. Choose between, a drilling head with only vertical spindles or one with spindles and a grooving saw for vertical and horizontal processing. Inverter controlled motor up to 7,500 rpm


    Customer service & maintenance

    Specially trained service personnel are always available to provide specialised on-site service for you. If the matter is urgent you can call our hotline centre for straightforward immediate help.  Contact our consultants or report your request conveniently online around the clock.

    Do you have any questions?

    We are happy to advise you online, over the phone or on-site at one of our more than 270 sales and service centres worldwide. 


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